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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS DEVELOPED TOGETHER WITH PRO RACERS FOR OPTIMUM AIR FLOW SUITABLE FOR ALL FOAM FILTERS READILY BIODEGRADABLE PROVEN PRODUCTS – NEW NAMES Through racing and collaboration with air filter manufacturer Twin Air, MOTOREX has developed comprehensive expertise in caring for air filters. To make them even quicker and easier to identify and use, MOTOREX air filter products now have new names. Both products preserve the filter structure, and their ready biodegradability makes them exceptionally sustainable. Proven product features with new names – because the engine needs a perfectly cleaned and oiled air filter to breathe freely. MOTOREX RACING BIO AIR FILTER CLEANER (formerly RACING BIO DIRT REMOVER) An air filter cleaner in powder form, specially developed for reusable foam air filters. Just add hot water for a highly efficient cleaner. MOTOREX RACING BIO AIR FILTER OIL (formerly RACING BIO LIQUID POWER) Oiling the dry filter protects the engine from contamination by sand, dust and water. FIRST FILL FOR GASGAS The strategic collaboration between MOTOREX and Spanish motorcycle brand GasGas underscores MOTOREX’s competency as an original equipment supplier in the motorcycle market. In addition to racing activities, the collaboration also includes first filling of all GasGas production motorcycles with quality MOTOREX lubricants. The company’s Europewide presence and three production sites (Switzerland, France, and Poland) are a key asset in making this possible. For example, MOTOREX Trial Gear Oil 75W is made in Toulon, France and shipped directly to the GasGas assembly plant in Salt near Girona, Spain. Short delivery routes, quick availability and top-quality product features keep production at GasGas humming as smoothly as a perfectly tuned engine. 4

NOW AVAILABLE IN 250-ML CONTAINERS: RACING FORK OIL AND RACING SHOCK OIL Adjusting telescopic forks and shock absorbers for motorbikes and bicycles is an exact science. To make the job easier, MOTOREX supplies Racing Fork Oil and Racing Shock Oil in six different viscosities: SAE 2.5W, 4W, 5W, 7,5W, 10W and 15W. The fine granularity of the viscosity classes permits full compliance with the fork or motorbike manufacturers’ specifications as well as allowing telescopic forks to be adapted precisely to individual requirements. MOTOREX takes all this into account with its new, compact 250-ml container. The background: forks or shock absorbers require quite different oil-filling amounts, depending on the manufacturer and model. 1-liter containers often prove to be too large when filling up with fresh oil or – as in the case of the KTM 1090 Adventure with its 570 milliliters per fork rod – rather too small. The new 250-ml container is the solution: it gives you precisely the right amount of oil. What’s more, it gives bikers more room for maneuver when doing their own fine-tuning. LABEL-FREE MACHINING OIL : SWISSCUT DECO EX The fewer hazard symbols a product has, the safer and easier it is to use. The new MOTOREX Swisscut Deco EX machining fluid is free of labels under the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals). It is ideal for traditional applications such as turning, milling, and reaming and for a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, beryllium, copper, and brass. Interested in putting the benefits of Swisscut Deco EX to use at your plant? The human- and environment-friendly cutting oil will be available in the spring of 2021. Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to provide further information. HIGH-TEMPERATURE ASSEMBLY PASTE WITH CERAMIC MOTOREX Ceramic Paste prevents sticking and seizing of highly thermally stressed parts. Unlike conventional copper pastes, Ceramic Paste contains no metals, making it electrically non-conducting. The specialty lubricant is ideal for applications such as turbines, ABS braking systems, etc. which can be subject to current leaks or static charges. A further benefit is prevention of contact corrosion in metallic fastenings such as exhaust screws, spark plugs, brake components, heat exchangers, and in combination with stainless steels. Screws and nuts treated with MOTOREX Ceramic Paste are noticeably easier to loosen later. 100 g tube. HEAT RESISTANT ( - 50 °C TO + 1150 °C) PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION PREVENTS OXIDATION AND CORROSION NO ELECTROLYTIC REACTIONS HIGHLY ADHESIVE SALTWATER-RESISTANT ELECTRICALLY NON-CONDUCTING MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 5



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