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MOTOREX Magazine 2021 119 EN

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BOX PAUL’S HEAVY-DUTY SOAP DISPENSERS The empty metal 1-liter oil containers were too precious to scrap for Paul Tschanz, local manager for Kehrli + Oeler Pneukrane und Transporte AG in Bern (CH). In his spare time the trained mechanic likes to tinker with old motorcycles and his 1957 MG A. He uses MOTOREX fluids exclusively – and found his shop filling up with stacks of metal cans as a result. When the idea of making soap dispensers out of used cans came to him, the solution was at hand. Today twenty of his friends and acquaintances have his handiwork on their walls. Cleaned and sealed inside and out, the containers now dispense soap and, since recently, hand lotion. Recycling can be fun. Let’s hear it for Paul! DID YOU KNOW THE MOTOREX-LOUNGE? The MOTOREX-Lounge at Desmo Garage in Pathum Thani, north of Bangkok, Thailand is a trendy spot to chill. Since the lounge is inside a repair shop, it has become a popular meeting place for customers and Ducati® fans. The owner, Sama Mangmeeseen (photo), worked for four years as a mechanic at an official Ducati® dealership before opening his own business. The charismatic Italian motorcycles have lost none of their fascination for him. When it comes to his bikes, nothing but the best will do – his own know-how and MOTOREX Moto Line lubricants and care products. OTTOREX 26

SIMPLER AND MORE ECONOMICAL: FOCUS QTM. For the entire fleet With Focus QTM SAE 10W/30, MOTOREX is simplifying the complex maintenance demands associated with mixed fleets of construction machinery and trucks. This innovative and versatile motor oil covers a wide range of manufacturer specifications and combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness. Follow us: MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 27



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