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PRACTICE AT THE DIVING STATION WITH ROTAC BIO The modernization of Stockholm’s Getingmidjan, one of Sweden’s busiest rail lines, represents a major civil engineering challenge in the local skerry landscape. Underwater at depths of up to ten meters, divers work on bridge foundations with pneumatic hammer drills. With Rotac Bio hammer drill oil, MOTOREX is making an important contribution to the success of the project. When specialists look for tailor-made lubrication solutions, they naturally turn to other specialists. Dalmex AB of Bålsta, Sweden was no exception. The company specializes in selling and maintaining demolition and drilling equipment. For over 20 years Dalmex has focused on delivering top-quality products to customers throughout Sweden. MOTOREX lubricants such as hammer drill oil, drill bit separating paste, technical greases and sprays are a permanent and very popular fixture in their merchandise assortment. HIGHLY SPECIALIZED Svenska Undervattensentreprenader AB, SUAB for short, is a Dalmex AB customer and user of MOTOREX products. SUAB performs work underwater or involving water, including construction, repairs, sandblasting, welding, formwork, pipeline work and cabling, to name just a few examples. Currently their work includes pumping water away from foundation elements so that new concrete foundations can be poured in a dry environment. Teams of three carry out the work from a floating platform. The divers communicate with the platform by radio. Diving time varies by depth. At depths of up to ten meters the frogmen work for about 70 minutes. WORKING UNDERWATER The platform carries all the necessary equipment, such as a well-stocked workshop container, the divers’ air supply, and the air compressor for the pneumatic tools. A key element in keeping the equipment functioning reliably is the hammer drill oil mixed into the compressed air. The air-oil mixture lubricates and cools the tool even underwater! Good lubrication also facilitates switching tools, which 24

Work at the construction site is done from well-equipped floating platforms. It takes at least two people to put on the diving drysuit. The hammer drill gets an extra dose of lubricant before a dive. The diver is secured by a line and is supplied with oxygen and compressed air through hoses. FACTS AND FIGURES Company Dalmex AB Svenska Untervattensentreprenader AB Headquarters Bålsta Strängnäs Established 1992 1960 Employees 4 24 Website Skellefteå SLUSSEN/ STOCKHOLM Stockholm also takes place underwater. Wearing the right clothing beneath the drysuit can help counter the effects of the cold water. Radio communication is a must to support the divers and ensure their safety. MOTOREX ROTAC BIO Following consultation with Dalmex, SUAB chose MOTOREX Rotac Bio. For the specialists at SUAB, using readily biodegradable lubricants is an important measure for reducing environmental impacts. The fully synthetic fluid is designed for use in pneumatically powered equipment, mixes well with compressed air, absorbs moisture in a controlled fashion, and provides ideal protection against corrosion. Special additives prevent crystallization (freezing) of moisture in the compressed air. MOTO- REX Rotac Bio is a preferred solution thanks to benefits such as: • readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301 B • good protection against corrosion and wear • wide operating temperature range • ideal pressure absorption capacity • optimum adhesion GETTING IT DONE ON-DEADLINE As one of many subcontractors of the general contractor Implenia, SUAB is responsible for only a portion of the work on the Getingmidjan project. Modernizing the system, parts of which date back to the 1950s, and getting it operational by the scheduled completion date will require competence, endurance, and innovation – all qualities that distinguish MOTOREX in doing its part to bring the project safely ashore. • Malmö MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 25



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