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WITH KONRAD ON THE STEEP SLOPES Technically sophisticated and innovative solutions for timber harvesting in steep terrain are based on a large number of hydraulic functions. As first-fill supplier for Konrad Forsttechnik GmbH, MOTOREX makes a compelling case with high-performance Ecosynt HEES BE hydraulic oil, along with plenty of agility. Konrad Forsttechnik has earned a name for itself on the global market as a specialist in safe mechanized timber harvesting. The variety of products developed, designed, and produced in Preitenegg in the state of Carinthia, Austria, fall largely into two categories: harvester technology and yarder technology. The latter is used where the terrain is no longer passable using conventional equipment. Konrad Forsttechnik is the world market leader in yarder technology for forestry. With over 60 % of output going to exports, the company supplies customers as far away as Japan, Chile, and New Zealand. Mobile and street - legal: the Mounty (MT 30-2) mountain harvester. SCAN THE QR CODE to watch the video about the Mounty mountain harvester. 22

FOREST Especially in very steep terrain, the Highlander wheeled harvester’s synchronous stride travel movement and built-in traction winch can accomplish astonishing things. FIRST CHOICE: MOTOREX Hydraulic power transmission is an essential component right across Konrad’s product range. And hydraulic fluid is a key element for safe, wear-free, economical work. Sustainability is also a major consideration for Konrad. The share of machines filled with biodegradable hydraulic oils or specifically ordered with them by customers is growing rapidly. With readily biodegradable MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES BE 46 hydraulic oil, MOTOREX has become a first-fill supplier for Konrad. The following criteria were decisive in choosing MOTOREX: • quality and extended service life • Blue Angel environmental seal, especially for export to Germany • MOTOREX’s exceptional flexibility and customer orientation • on-site technical consultation • support through oil analyses and compatibility testing • assistance with switching to bio hydraulic oil • quick and flexible logistics Especially for forestry, MOTOREX offers just the right product for every lubricant application. Konrad Forsttechnik uses MOTOREX know-how in its pioneering solutions for modern timber harvesting. • Production according to the latest standards: With over 90 % vertical integration, nearly everything is produced in-house. The focus is on work with hydraulics. The Konrad Mounty harvester for mountainous terrain is a radio-controlled, truck-mounted cable crane system. It minimizes forest damage due to logging work. FACTS AND FIGURES Company Headquarters Established 1990 Employees 130 Website Konrad Forsttechnik GmbH Preitenegg, Austria KONRAD MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 23



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