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POWERSPORTS “A PERFECT MATCH” MOTOREX AND SHIMANO EUROPE From January 2021, Shimano Europe is the exclusive distributor of the MOTOREX Bike Line in 17 European countries. This is quite the badge of honor for the innovative MOTOREX Bike Line, significantly expanding its distribution network and bringing the products to cycling enthusiasts across the continent. Shimano Europe B. V. is the European distribution subsidiary of leading bicycle component manufacturer Shimano. 20

Quick shifting under load: Shimano 12-speed cassette with Hyperglide+ shift technology. The collaboration includes interdisciplinary exchanges in new development projects. Jointly mounted and properly targeted marketing activities strengthen the international presence of the Bike Line products and of the MOTOREX brand. Like MOTOREX, Shimano Europe has vast expertise in its area of specialization. Both companies owe their present market standing to a strong pioneering spirit and high degree of innovation. MOTOREX products are the perfect complement for Shimano’s high-quality bike portfolio and benefit in turn from its professional distribution organization in Europe. The collaboration between the two companies is taking place on three levels: • distribution • products and development • marketing EUROPE-WIDE DISTRIBUTION Shimano Europe B.V. was founded in 1972 and is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In addition to Shimano bicycle components, the company also distributes products under its own brands such as Lazer helmets and Pearl Izumi sports apparel. Subsidiaries in the Benelux, France, Italy, Scandinavia (NO, SE, FI, DK, IS), Poland, the Baltic states, Spain, and Turkey each have their own marketing programs, technical customer service, and sales organizations. Shimano Europe B.V. exclusively offers MOTOREX care and lubricant products to its customers. PRODUCTS AND DEVELOPMENT In the Bike Line, MOTOREX brings to the collaboration a proven and highly developed bicycle care line that is well established in the markets. As early as 2000 MOTOREX had launched readily biodegradable products such as chain lubricants and cleaners in the Bike Line. From then to the present day the product range has seen steady further development and expansion with a focus on technology. Although the collaboration between Shimano Europe and MOTO- REX is just beginning, both manufacturers are looking at new products that will help make tomorrow’s cycling experience quieter, faster, smoother, and safer than ever before. JOINT MARKETING Shimano bike components are the epitome of advanced technology and quality worldwide. Shimano Europe and its subsidiaries plan to undertake joint marketing activities (advertising, events, social media, etc.) together with MOTOREX. This will not only enhance the visibility of MOTOREX Bike Line products but also further strengthen their international market presence. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 21



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