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ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE – SUCCESS STORY INDUSTRY HG MEDICAL GMBH © HG Medical HIGH-END MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY WITH MOTOREX FROM A TO Z HG Medical GmbH is committed to being “best in class”. Based in Germany’s Upper Bavaria region with a subsidiary in the United States, the company has been producing top-quality medical products for over 20 years. Close collaboration with MOTOREX has played a key role in its success. HG Medical stands out for the inventiveness and passion with which it drives progress in implant technology. A perfect match for MOTOREX. A holistic approach is a key strength of both companies. Both cover the entire production process from A to Z, from research and development to packing and shipping. TOP CERTIFICATIONS Nowadays having top certifications in every area is a basic requirement for successful survival in medical technology. HG Medical supports customers from the conceptual stage all the way to approval. This approach makes it possible to meet stringent standards such as ISO 13485 and FDA820CFR. It requires flexibility from the manufacturer and value-added solutions from suppliers. This is the sort of added value MOTOREX offers. Being “best in class” is a commitment for the lubricant supplier too. HG Medical uses MOTOREX products exclusively. Distribution partner Erhard Bürk-Kauffmann GmbH and the MOTOREX team have always been driven by continual improvement in every aspect of metalworking and remain so today. 18

Whether working CrNiMo steel or titanium, precision and high surface quality are key success factors. The company operates 28 specialized latest-generation milling and turning centers with up to ten axes. “The biostability, cutting performance, and human biocompatibility of MOTOREX machining fluids are exemplary and offer enormous added value in comparison with previous products.” Stefan Kienbacher, head of production for HG Medical GmbH A PARTNER TO CONSULT Having a consultation partner for “everything” related to lubrication requires a relationship of absolute trust. HG Medical’s collaboration with MOTOREX and the MOTOREX sales representative at Bürk-Kauffmann is based on just such a relationship. In addition to the comprehensive MOTOREX Industrial Line product range, services and consultation are also important success factors. Short delivery routes and quick solutions offer the following advantages for HG Medical: • reduced variety of machining fluids • simplified purchasing and logistics • all processing and auxiliary materials from a single supplier • added value from services (PMO, analysis, etc.) • optimized, measurable process reliability • extended tool service lives • professional consultation • enhanced sustainability and workplace quality They’re convinced: HG Medical can depend on MOTOREX for every lubrication challenge. QUALITY IS … … achieving perfection while avoiding perfectionism. Rigorous quality management enables HG Medical to manufacture products efficiently and in compliance with standards. 100 % vertical integration with a goal of 100 % customer satisfaction requires continual process improvement and stringent quality control. It’s all accomplished by over 100 trained employees working three shifts. With all that going for it, HG Medical has a clear road to the future. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 19



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