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INSIDE EXPANDING SPRAY PRODUCTION DOUBLING CAPACITY CAPACITY DOUBLING 1 All production steps are now performed in the immediate vicinity. 2 Explosion-proof material production in “Max”, the new five-tonne mixer. 3 Feeder lines from 1000-liter containers in close proximity to the mixer. 16

The steadily growing demand for and variety of MOTOREX sprays called for an innovative manufacturing approach. By reducing spatial distance and putting an ingredient mixer and a second production line into service, MOTOREX has boosted efficiency and doubled production capacity. Logistics has been a special focus of improvements. Only a few meters now separate active-substance production in “Max” the mixer (“Max” for maximum efficiency) and the filled and finished spray cans. Two state-of-the-art, quick-setup production lines can produce sprays in sizes ranging from 50 to 750 ml. Every step of production for MOTOREX aerosol products can now be carried out under one roof. With the new parallel plant MOTOREX has doubled its production capacity. • 4 High variance due to various CFC-free propellant gases such as propane/butane gas/nitrogen mixtures. 5 Precision instruments check net weight and seal quality. 6 Whether mini or maxi – the two production lines process a wide range of spray sizes and spray nozzles. 7 Manual final inspection and packing. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 17



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