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REPORT CONTINUED The family business also works on crankcases. The moment of truth: measuring a competition saw’s performance on the test bench. PERFORMANCE ISN’T EVERYTHING Felder knows how to coax significant performance gains from a 572 XP WLC. But he’s quick to add, “Performance is important, but it’s not everything.” Competition saws must also be perfectly balanced and precisely responsive, deliver full power in the blink of an eye, and most of all drive the chain around the Whether in competition or in the forest, MOTOREX ASPEN (left piston) performs better and burns cleaner. blade with minimal vibration. If uncontrolled vibrations occur in competition up to 18,000 RPM, the necessary precision is out the window. A glance at the competition scoring system reveals just how much precision is involved in logging sports. In their father’s footsteps: these days Felder’s four sons (r. to l.: Dani, Werni, Pirmin, and Peter) run the business. 14

Changing the chain in less than 8.5 seconds: Marc Rinaldi training before a competition. © Carol Fuchs “Lighter, handier, more powerful – we’d recognize our competition saws with our eyes closed.” © Carol Fuchs The brothers Philipp and Urs Amstutz. Both were prepared to enter the canceled 2020 world championship with a Felder saw. ONCE ON THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PODIUM The best lumberjacks all dream of competing, once in their lives, for the national team in a world championship. The results of the competition reflect the professional skills of the competitors. For years now their ranks have also included women. Points are awarded and tallied for good performance (precision, quality, and speed). Penalty points are imposed if the work is poor or inadequate (failure to observe safety regulations, damaging the wood, etc.). Competitive disciplines such as tree felling, chain fitting, bucking by combined cuts, precision bucking, and limbing demand everything from athlete and saw alike. The same saw must be used throughout the entire competition. The next world championship, postponed for one year, will take place in 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia. cludes every machine bearing the distinctive H on the fuel tank up to model year 1983 – all in perfect working condition. It’s an ideal match for MOTOREX’s passion for perfect lubrication solutions. MOTOREX lubricants are the right choice not only in chainsaws, but in the factory filling of every new Husqvarna® motorcycle. • HUSKIES WITH WHEELS There’s nothing reasonable about the human fascination with powerful engines. With gasoline running in Hanspeter Felder’s veins, it’s no surprise that his decades-long hobby is collecting rare Husqvarna® motorcycles, known to fans as Huskies. His oldest bike was built in 1957. The collection in- Husqvarna ® motorcycles make Hanspeter Felder’s heart beat faster. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 15



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