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REPORT COMPETITION CHAINSAWS SHARPENED UP In logging competitions, the difference between victory and defeat lies in precision, quality, and speed. But skill and strong nerves are not enough. This is a sport where the equipment makes a small but crucial difference. Hanspeter Felder has been preparing competition chainsaws for Husqvarna® and Stihl® for years. The hand-picked saws are used by competitors throughout Europe. MOTOREX paid Felder a visit. © Carol Fuchs 12

“Why Hanspeter Felder?” Anyone who’s come to know this single-minded mechanic will understand why two renowned chainsaw manufacturers have chosen him to prepare saws for competition. In 1977 Felder founded a forestry and gardening equipment dealership in Emmen near Lucerne, Switzerland. Since then thousands of chainsaws, all malfunctioning in bigger or smaller ways, have crossed his workbench. Once mended in Felder’s capable hands, these saws have gone on to slice through the toughest oak trunks as if they were chipboard. INTERNSHIP IN SWEDEN In the late 1990s Felder’s daughter Yvonne served an internship in Sweden with Bernd Karlson, head of sales for Husqvarna®. When the experience prompted her to take part in logging sports, Hanspeter Felder put his abilities to use and began preparing competition saws. He proved so good at it that he was soon supplying modified saws to competitors throughout Switzerland and beyond. Close collaboration with sporting saw specialists in Sweden has led to steady improvements in the saws. Since Felder also sells Stihl® products in his shop, many of the German manufacturer’s saws have also undergone his tune-up process. Hanspeter Felder in his element. THE FELDER TREATMENT Hanspeter is cagey with the details of transforming a Husqvarna® 572 XP into a keen competition saw … Secret or not, there are only so many components that could be modified to yield potential performance gains. According to the rules, only standard parts with an official factory part number can be modified. Hanspeter gives the following competition saw components a bigger bite: • piston and cylinder • carburetor • exhaust • ignition (factory-programmed according to specifications) • guide bar • case cover • additional optimizations MODIFICATIONS TO COMPETITION SAWS Improved air filter Performanceoptimized piston and cylinder Performanceoptimized muffler Performance-optimized ignition and carburetor control Spiked bumper Vibration dampeners Coated clutch cover Clutch case Optimized chain tensioning system Special bolts with raised nuts Hand starter with raised line of sight MOTOREX MAGAZINE 119 I JANUARY 2021 13



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