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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GREEN INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE FOCUS SUSTAINABILITY OECD 301B testing is used to determine biodegradability by measuring CO 2 values over a period of 28 days. 8

Constant change is a permanent feature of MOTOREX research and development activities. Changing requirements in response to climate change, such as the steady lowering of emission ceilings, demand new technologies which directly impact product composition. Keeping track of these requirements is one of the key duties of MOTOREX's dedicated scientists. When developing pioneering products, experts look beyond the laboratory to take their cues from nature. The base oils used in cable lubricants, release agents, and hydraulic fluids, for example, are readily biodegradable by microbes when in contact with nature. With a maximum of lubrication know-how, this is how innovative, MOTOREXgreen solutions are continually developed. “ TODAY’S ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE PRODUCTS ARE FULL-FLEDGED ALTERNATIVES WHICH MEET THE HIGH QUALITY EXPECTATIONS OF MOTOREX AND OF CUSTOMERS Dr. Markus Kurzwart IN MANY ASPECTS. ” Head of Research and Development MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG A BROAD RANGE OF MEASURES At MOTOREX, “innovative” doesn’t just mean biodegradable. Use of renewable materials and, where applications allow, re-refined oils is a tangible contribution to the conservation of limited resources. Lubricants with an extended service life, especially at higher temperatures and pressures, offer further potential. Tribology has long focused on optimizing friction performance. Lower friction resistance means higher efficiency. Modern engines are not just smaller with enhanced efficiency thanks to fewer, friction-optimized components, they also use low-viscosity motor oils of the SAE 0W generation. Friction-optimized lubricants along the entire drive train can reduce fuel consumption while simultaneously cutting emissions. SUCCESS MEANS TAKING RISKS Developing innovative products often involves risk. What will the legal framework look like in the future? What technological changes will shape the market in the next few years? Thus calculated risk is always part of the new product development process. It can take up to five years to develop a product from idea to market readiness. MOTOREX always adopts a long-term perspective. If a product is then supplied in a canister made largely from recycled plastic, this is an added bonus in sustainability terms. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 118 I OCTOBER 2020 9



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