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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS HYGIENE AND PROTECTION – MADE BY MOTOREX Given that MOTOREX specializes in developing and producing technical chemical products, it comes as no surprise that disinfectants have been one of its competencies for over 10 years. In recent months, this has fed into a range of protective and hygiene products. The hand and surface disinfectants (named Desicid and Planicid respectively) have been officially approved by health authorities in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and Sweden. Efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic continue – and MOTOREX is making a valuable contribution to society as a whole. For more information, contact your MOTOREX partner or visit ECOVADIS SILVER FOR MOTOREX The first-time assessment and certification in 2019 by the independent sustainability rating firm Ecovadis yielded an excellent result for the BUCHER-MOTOREX GROUP AG: MOTOREX has been given a “Silver” rating – the second-highest rating for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is all about the responsibility that companies assume for the impacts they have on society, encompassing social, environmental and economic aspects. The analysis system on which the assessment is based comprises 21 criteria in four subject areas: the environment, fair labor practices, ethics and fair business practices, and the overall procurement chain. Having garnered 59 points, MOTOREX fell just short of winning the Gold label awarded for 62 points and higher. Determined to improve its score, MOTOREX has already defined a package of actions in pursuit of bringing home the Gold. GET YOUR HIGHTECH GEAR ON: MOTOREX WORKWEAR MOTOREX has continued developing its line of work apparel based on the latest insights and to the usual high quality standards. These latest advancements focus most strongly on ruggedness, functionality and comfort. The MOTOREX collection, designed in Switzerland, includes attractive coveralls in two different material thicknesses (for indoor and outdoor work), bib overalls, work pants, and a waist jacket. Durably constructed for the toughest working environments, this workwear is made from breathable, dirt-repellent fabric that’s an elastic blend of cotton, polyester and elastolefin. Areas exposed to high wear and tear – like knees and elbows – are reinforced with protective, wear-resistant CORDURA ® facing. Work apparel details such as multiple practical pockets, pouches and holders, safety clasps, width adjustment, and anti-scratch buttons and zippers turn every article of clothing into a functional aid. Sustainability rating thanks to Fair Wear certification and production in Europe. 3. PLATZ Öl BEST BRANDS GERMANY: MOTOREX GARNERS AN OUTSTANDING 3 RD PLACE German motorbike dealers bestow “Best Brands” awards on the companies they consider the sector’s top suppliers. In recent years, Ottmar Bange (2 nd from right) and the team from MOTOREX Deutschland GmbH have steadily improved their market position, and their all-round efforts have now been rewarded with a superb 3 rd place ranking. Although MOTOREX – like racing itself – likes to move forward quickly, it takes a long-term view when it comes to cooperation. Ottmar Bange was evidently convinced of this when, at the prize-giving ceremony, he said: “You can only harness synergies and knowledge for the long term if you work together successfully over a lengthy period.” At a series of interviews, bike dealers from among the readership of the trade journal “bike und business” were asked about criteria such as product quality, technical support with service, deliverability, dealer support in marketing and sales, and much more. So only the brands that the dealers were happiest with made it to the podium. Congratulations! 4

© R. Archer GASGAS GETS A KICK OUT OF MOTOREX A global strategic cooperative agreement between the Spanish motorcycle brand GASGAS and MOTOREX has proven to be a real game changer. Founded in 1985, GASGAS has developed into one of the world’s leading producers of off-road motorcycles. The firm has its roots in the sport of motorcycle trials – and this commitment to competitive motorsport has been in the company’s DNA right from the starting line. As a manufacturer, they’ve celebrated wins and championships in national and international enduro and rally raid events. GASGAS has gained international fame due in particular to its many world championships in the demanding trials discipline. MOTOREX, as official lubricant supplier for both GASGAS company teams in the Motocross World Championship and all their other racing activities, is playing its part as a reliable partner. What’s more, this collaboration includes initial filling of all GASGAS series-produced motorcycles with high-quality lubricants from MOTOREX. This cooperative arrangement underscores the skills of MOTOREX as an OEM supplier serving the motorcycle industry. FLYING HIGH WITH ECOSYNT HEES The Göta Canal is part of a 390-km waterway that traverses Sweden. Since 1832 it has linked the city of Gothenburg on the west coast with Linköping on the east. While the waterway never became a major route for freight transport, it has gained prominence as a tourist attraction. Fifty- eight locks serve to negotiate the 91.5-meter rise in ele vation along the route, which is crossed by precisely 50 bridges. Between Norrköping and Linköping, Trafikverket operates a hydraulic bascule bridge. The immense forces needed to raise the bridge are transmitted by some 4000 liters of MOTOREX Ecosynt HEES hydraulic oil. For this application directly on an open waterway, the product’s rapid biodegradability (to OECD 301B biodegradation test requirements and Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34) and the oil analysis services of the MOTOREX laboratory to extend the fluid service life proved to be decisive factors for the Swedish customer. © – symbolic photo MOTOREX MAGAZINE 118 I OCTOBER 2020 5



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