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PRODUCTION CONTINUED PIGGING IN PLACE OF FLUSHING For process reliability reasons, accurate mixer filling is essential with production batches. To prevent contamination, the mixer feed lines have to be cleaned after every run. This is done by what is known as a pigging system, which cleans lines by using compressed air to propel an elastic plastic plug back and forth inside them. Pigging reduces the need for line flushing using cleaning solutions by over 80 %. High-quality additive packages and semi-finished products are mixed in a premix room. Ongoing modernization is continuously improving working conditions in production, while focused automation is reducing the strain on employees. All production processes are connected to a process control system. “AN APPLE A DAY …” MOTOREX provides daily fresh fruit as an healthy snack to its employees. SAFETY FIRST Everyone who works at MOTOREX knows that workplace safety and health protection come first in all operations. All processes are clearly specified in accordance with a precisely developed safety plan (ASA/EKAS) and quality assurance system (ISO 9001/14001). Furthermore, they are systematically reviewed to identify potential improvements. Production staff receive corresponding training. The applicable standards also help keep production operations as environmentally friendly as possible. Each of the three MOTOREX plants has its own safety officer. A team develops safety protocols to analyze risks and establish the appropriate measures for each part of the enterprise. 18

Certified Management System INTELLIGENT ENERGY MANAGEMENT MOTOREX has a total storage tank capacity of 13 million liters. Its tank facilities comply with the latest safety standards. Most fluids are supplied to production processes preheated. Insulating storage tank and production facilities reduces energy consumption. At the same time, the waste heat from production is recycled. This is just one of many steps MOTOREX has taken to reduce its carbon footprint. more are all helping to systematically improve environmental performance. MOTOREX participates in programs to reduce CO 2 emissions and optimize energy efficiency. • MOTOREX records annual environmental statistics such as waste volumes and total energy consumption. To optimize the company’s environmental score sheet, each site has adopted a wide range of measures. Last year, for example, the Langenthal factory’s own photovoltaic installation generated around a quarter (400,000 kWh) of the site’s total electricity requirement for production. In addition, measures such as energy-optimized heating and cooling systems, motion-controlled LED lighting, energy-saving circulation pumps, a packaging recycling system and many 3 PRODUCTION SITES PROVIDE FLEXIBILITY SWITZERLAND FRANCE POLAND MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG headquarters and production plant in Langenthal, Switzerland. Bio as core competency: YORK SAS of Toulon, France has been a MOTOREX company since 2015. The plant in Ostrowiec (Poland) is one of the industry’s most modern in terms of production technology. MOTOREX is growing both in Switzerland and globally. More than half of all lubricants from Langenthal are sold outside its home country. MOTOREX’s own distribution centers in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, and Poland ensure markets can be supplied quickly using lean logistics. A producer of specialty lubricants, YORK is the French market leader in mountain railway and readily biodegradable lubricants. The company also enjoys wide familiarity and distribution in the transportation, agricultural, construction, and forestry segments. YORK’s core competency is exceptionally sustainable products. YORK possesses comprehensive expertise in this area, and MOTOREX takes full advantage of this know-how for its customers. The third production plant in Ostrowiec gives MOTOREX geographical proximity to important markets in northern and eastern Europe. These markets can be supplied quickly and over short distances from a production site on EU soil. The factory was designed to the latest standards in production, energy, and environmental engineering. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Three production sites – one MOTOREX quality. • FOCUS SUSTAINABILITY MOTOREX MAGAZINE 118 I OCTOBER 2020 19



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