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MOTOREX Magazine 2020 117 EN

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WHAT’S NEW CONTINUED STRONG IN RETAIL AND DISTRIBUTION Thanks to intensive collaboration with engine and vehicle manufacturers, MOTOREX products are in demand worldwide. Wherever there’s a KTM dealership, for example, MOTOREX lubricants are used and sold. Quick and efficient servicing of retailers is key to global availability. The new X-bottle’s sophisticated design makes it perfect for the latest market requirements. The result is not just satisfied distributors and channel partners, but ultimately happy retail customers as well – and they’re the ones who matter most for our shared success. SMALLER SHELF FOOTPRINT 25 % GREATER SHELF CAPACITY ROBUST – MADE FOR SHIPPING IMPROVED PALLET UTILIZATION «The new X-bottle has been outstandingly well-received by our customers. A new, unique bottle has taken the place of an icon, fully meeting the needs of today’s distributors, dealers, and consumers. Handling, space requirements and efficient shipping go hand in hand with more legible labeling, the viscosity in bigger print, and interactive QR codes for further information. Ronald Kabella » Director of PowerSports, MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG LESS IS MORE The X-bottle also brings about changes in terms of environmental compatibility: Thanks to the latest injection molding technology, the new bottle uses less material and hence results in less waste. Moreover, it is produced from a single type of plastic (polyethylene), can be completely emptied, and is thus more easily recyclable. 8

ACTIVE MARKETING To make the advantages of the new product widely available, MOTOREX is supporting the trade with a bundle of measures. This comprises information events and a wide range of communication tools, such as press packs, flyers, posters, stickers, animations, and images for the social media. At EICMA 2019 in Milan, motorcycle industry importers responded with rapturous applause to our presentation on the new X-bottle. X-TREME PERFORMANCE PURE X-CELLENCE NEW X DESIGN NEW PRODUCTS X-PERT ADVICE CELEBRATING X-CELLENCE NEW X DESIGN The future has begun – the first X-bottles will be rolled out to each market in the coming weeks. NEW X DESIGN NEW X DESIGN Send this video to your friends! watch?v=DvDuAKrferI SCAN QR CODE WITH SMARTPHONE! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 117 I JANUARY 2020 9



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