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WHAT’S NEW BUILT-IN SPOUT “NO-BURP” POURING EMPTIES COMPLETELY HIGH STABILITY TAMPER-PROOF SEAL SEE-THROUGH FILL- LEVEL STRIP QR CODE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION A NEW CHAPTER: THE MOTOREX X-BOTTLE Launched 20 years ago, the multi-award-winning 1-liter “elephant’s trunk” spout bottle was a great success – a visible testimony to the innovative spirit of MOTOREX. Following the manufacture of many millions of these bottles, the completely redesigned MOTOREX X-bottle ushers in a new chapter in packaging history. The container’s shape echoes the X in the MOTOREX brand name. Its design is an expression of the cutting-edge technology and high quality of the contents. 6

SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY In its time the MOTOREX elephant’s trunk bottle anticipated the future of oil packaging. The new X-bottle does the same, combining an expression of MOTOREX values with the latest requirements for oil containers. It is strikingly different in appearance from competing product containers: it’s a real eye-catcher at the point of sale. As for function, the X-bottle does everything even better than its predecessor, whether in production and logistics, at the point of sale, or in the customer’s hands. OUTSTANDING: THE X DESIGN The oil bottle’s design immediately calls to mind the X in the MOTOREX brand name. The clear, angular design language deliberately accentuates MOTOREX’s technical expertise as an experienced lubrication specialist. With over 2500 formulas and 8000 products, MOTOREX can solve practically any lubrication challenge. At the same time, the shape of the bottle also stands for MOTOREX brand values such as innovation, professionalism, and sporting performance. UNMISTAKABLE X-SHAPED OUTLINE CLEAR, TECHNOLOGY- ORIENTED DESIGN ERGONOMIC SHAPE BROAD SURFACE FOR LABELS COMPACT DIMENSIONS « The MOTOREX ‘elephant’s trunk’ bottle was a big success for 20 years. Over the years the needs and expectations of consumers, retailers, and logistics providers have changed. Our merchandise flows have become very international, and the X-bottle is being launched in 85 countries. The X-bottle is the product of many years of experience and a variety of future expectations. It is space-saving in shipping and on retail shelves, stands out brilliantly with its distinctive MOTOREX shape, and fits comfortably in the hand. We are pleased with the smooth start of production » and the altogether positive response from customers and partners. Edi Fischer Managing Director, MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG MOTOREX MAGAZINE 117 I JANUARY 2020 7



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