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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS © Emil Frey Racing MOTOREX.COM NOW ALSO ONLINE IN SPANISH AND CHINESE Every day thousands of users look up information about MOTOREX, its products and services on the Swiss lubricant specialist’s website. In response to growing demand from China and Spanish-speaking countries, MOTOREX has published a country-specific site for China and an international site in Spanish. In China MOTOREX is represented by products from the Industrial Line, Moto Line, and Car Line. Moto Line and Bike Line are highly popular in Spain and South America. The information presented here can be technically challenging. To make sure it’s perfectly understood, MOTOREX speaks the customer’s language. SPEEDING TO A DOUBLE VICTORY Year one of the collaboration between Emil Frey Racing and Lamborghini Squadra Corse could not have ended on a better note. The team from Safenwil took the title in the team competition and dual top driver standings at the GT Open finale in Monza, driving twin Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evos. Albert Costa Balboa (E) and Giacomo Altoè (I) took the top of the podium in the drivers’ championship, while Norbert Siedler (A) and Mikael Grenier (CAN) put the cherry on top with a second-place finish in the sister vehicle. In a total of 14 races at seven events, each of the two Lamborghinis from Safenwil was first across the finish line four times. MOTOREX is delighted, as supplier of motor oils and lubricants, to be part of this success, and can hardly wait till the fiercely contested 2020 championships begin at the end of April. Video from the cockpit: Company founder Dieter Schuller (r.) with daughter Barbara Zeitlhofer and son Klemens Schuller (management board). SCHUMOTO TURNS 40 – QUALITY IS THE TIE THAT BINDS When it comes to motorcycles, avid bikers demand quality. Linz-based wholesaler Schumoto has been a professional supplier of top-quality products to Austrian motorcycle dealers for 40 years. For over 30 years this has included lubricants and care products from the MOTOREX Moto Line. “MOTOREX was early in recognizing the significance of the two-wheel sector, and its products have been a key driver in its development,” says company founder Dieter Schuller. “Many racing triumphs and the successful collaboration with KTM are proof.” Schumoto’s recipe for success is based on values that are also upheld by MOTOREX: transparency, trust, and staying close to the customer. Congratulations! 4

WORLD DEBUT AT EICMA SCOOTER 4T SAE 5W/40 CONFORMS TO JASO MB; API SL, SJ, SH, SG OUTSTANDING COLD-START CHARACTERISTICS IDEAL FOR STOP-AND-GO TRAFFIC BETTER PROTECTION AGAINST WEAR OPTIMUM LUBRICANT RELIABILITY The EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan featured a world debut: MOTOREX presented the new multirange Scooter 4T SAE 5W/40 engine oil in the innovative MOTOREX X-bottle for all scooters with four-stroke injection engines and catalytic converter where the manufacturer’s recommendations do not require a full synthetic oil. This high-grade synthetic four-stroke motor oil combines good protection against wear with ideal cold-start characteristics. The lubricant meets the strict JASO-MB standard, indicating perfect engine protection under immediate load at high RPM and low engine temperature. The SAE 5W/40 formula also helps reduce fuel consumption. A worthy addition to the extensive assortment of high-grade two-stroke and four-stroke scooter engine oils from MOTOREX. CONFORMS TO ACEA C3-04; API SL PROTECTS AGAINST WEAR OXIDATION-RESISTANT FOR SUMMER AND WINTER USE ALL-PURPOSE SMALL ENGINE OIL SAE 5W/30 New all-purpose synthetic MOTOREX Small Engine Oil for four-stroke engines makes the choice of lubricant easier. Perfect for small engines in snow blowers, generators, and various gardening tools. The oil’s SAE 5W/30 viscosity makes it ideal for year-round use. Modern base oils in combination with low-ash additives reduce particle emissions and ensure optimum lubricant supply regardless of engine operating conditions. MOTOREX Small Engine Oil SAE 5W/30 meets the ACEA C3-04 and API SL specifications. Please note the applicable manufacturer’s instructions. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 117 I JANUARY 2020 5



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