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SUNIL SFS INTEC AUTOMOTIVE PARTS (TIANJIN) CO. LTD. SUNIL SFS INTEC AUTOMOTIVE PARTS (TIANJIN) CO. LTD. INDUSTRY SUCCESS STORY ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE © Sunil Dyfas Corporation The state-of-the-art Sunil SFS Intec Automotive Parts plant in Tianjin, China. SUCCESS THROUGH COLLABORATION The pressure on automotive industry suppliers is high. Quality, price, and fast delivery are crucial. With the world’s biggest automotive market, China is in fourth place among supplier countries. Collaboration with MOTOREX is helping a supplier for leading Chinese automakers to optimize production processes and differentiate itself through top quality. Practically all premium carmakers from all over the world have components for the vehicles manufactured in China. A joint venture between Sunil Dyfas Corporation of Korea and SFS Intec Holding AG of Switzerland offers one example of how these criteria can be met efficiently. Both companies make full use of their know-how by sharing what they’ve learned at their jointly -owned plant in Tianjin, China. To meet ambitious targets at the new plant, MOTOREX, a longtime technology partner of SFS Intec, was engaged to manage lubrication in China. QUALITY IN AUTOMATION In mass production, workpieces are often produced on automated production lines with a uniform control system and strict cycle times. To prevent negative impacts on quality, every factor in the process has to be perfect. Together with the production systems, tools, and workforce, the machining fluids used are a key element in the efficient production of high-precision components. MEASURABLE SUCCESSES Thanks to closer cooperation between management at Sunil SFS Intec (Tianjin) and MOTOREX, it was pos- 24

In Tianjin, CNC machining centers and production processes “made in Switzerland” help get the job done. “Top quality opens new markets for Sunil SFS Intec as supplier,” explains Deputy General Manager Shuguo Ye (r.) and Deputy Production Manager Wende Chu. High-quality parts, some destined to be installed in premium European cars are produced here. sible to make application-specific recommendations for the appropriate cutting fluid on site. Following several successful test series with MOTOREX Ortho NF-X, a consistent high quality level was achieved in figures for unit times, dimensional conformance and surface quality. Since many of the parts manufactured here are critical for safety, one hundred percent defectfree production is essential. MOTOREX met the process fluid management requirements set out by deputy production manager Wende Chu using high-performance products such as MOTOREX Ortho NF-X cutting oil. The gentle, chlorine-free formula’s numerous benefits are persuasive: • suitable for all applications • good flushing and heat dissipation characteristics • high concentration of active ingredients yields long service life PROFESSIONAL DEDICATION For production at Sunil SFS Intec, it was possible to integrate processing centers and production processes from Switzerland at the Tianjin facility. MOTOREX provided technical support for their rollout before, during, and after the start of operations. Besides the cutting oil mentioned above, Corex HLP hydraulic fluid and Supergliss slideway oil also found application. An initial production line designed exclusively for non-ferrous metal parts is currently being taken into service with the exceptionally economical MO- TOREX Ortho SX cutting oil. “Providing advice and services such as oil analyses that deliver valuable information are part of what MOTOREX has to offer and demonstrate the Swiss company’s professional dedication,” Wende Chu tells MOTOREX Magazine with conviction. “Precisely this is the key to success in our collaboration.” • • improves tool change intervals • consistent high product quality • low volatility and very hypoallergenic • readily recyclable en/index.asp MOTOREX MAGAZINE 117 I JANUARY 2020 25



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