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INSIDE READY FOR THE X-BOTTLE Introducing a new container also means modifying production equipment. To bridge the transitional phase, inventories of products in spout bottles were increased to use up supplies of empties and labels. With the enthusiastic efforts of the team at the small filling line and the help of external specialists, the first X-bottles left the plant in just 21 days. It still took a few special shifts to get everything running smoothly in a “one-second rhythm”. 7 PACKAGING Ten bottles at a time are packed in cartons, which are then placed on pallets. 6 LABELING The labeling machine attaches labels with superhuman precision. 22

1 EMPTY BOTTLES Empty X-bottles are delivered on recycled cardboard “Trays”. 2 SETUP Bottles are carried to the filling line in containers. 3 ALIGNMENT The bottles are aligned in the same direction before being automatically filled. GOODBYE TO THE “ELEPHANT’S TRUNK” goodbye By mid-October 2019 the time had come. Having filled many millions of spout bottles (known in German as Rüsselflaschen – or “elephant’s trunk bottles”), the filling line was switched off. The final such bottle was sent on its way with a small celebration. For 20 years the design had been a regular part of the work day at MOTOREX and had a visible impact on the market. 5 CAPPING The cap with built-in dispenser is positioned and screwed on. 4 FILLING Automatic, drip-free, precise filling – one every 14 seconds. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 117 I JANUARY 2020 23



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