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WHAT’S NEW CONTINUED At the MOTOREX flushing days, specialists were shown how easy it is to change automatic transmission fluid using the Dynco flushing device. WELL-ATTENDED FLUSHING DAYS MOTOREX has been holding frequent automatic transmission fluid flush days for customers in recent months. Professional visitors – mostly repair shop owners – attend a seminar to learn key information about automatic and dual-clutch transmissions and the roles performed by automatic transmission fluid. Attendees experience live servicing with the MOTOREX Dynco flushing device and can ask practical questions. • The flushing device comes with a standard range of adapters. Vehicle-specific adapters are available as accessories. As well as generating additional business for workshops, the transmission maintenance service also pays off for vehicle owners. All the work carried out can be printed out in detail on completion. 8

QUESTIONS FOR THE MOTOREX DYNCO PROJECT MANAGER What does Dynco mean? Dynco is short for “Dynamic Fluid Controller”. The abbreviation refers to the fully automated flush process which fills the transmission with precisely the right volume of fresh lubricant. Does the device have to be plugged in? No. The device is designed for mobile use and can be operated by connecting it to the vehicle’s 12-volt battery. Does the flushing device have a pump? Yes. The pump is controlled automatically based on the lubricant’s viscosity curve and the pump pressure of the transmission pump. About how long does a transmission fluid flush take? Actually replacing the entire ATF system contents (10 – 15 liters) takes three to five minutes. In addition the flush program – launched automatically when a special additive is added – takes another ten minutes. Where are the fresh fluid and the pumped-out spent fluid located? At the back of the device. There is room for a 25-liter fresh fluid canister plus 20 liters of spent fluid. When is the flushing additive added to the transmission? The flushing additive is injected into the transmission fluid automatically before the flushing process. This transforms the spent ATF into a flushing oil and efficiently removes deposits, eliminating the need for a separate flushing fluid. As a result, only the original system fill volume needs to be replaced, yielding significant cost savings compared to other systems. Does MOTOREX have the recommended ATF available? MOTOREX’s transmission fluid range covers currently serviced automatic transmissions as well as up to sevenspeed DCTs. All future lubricants are already pre-programmed into current Dynco devices with their original viscosity curves. How do I find the precise fluid quantity for each vehicle type? The information can be found in the vehicle-specific maintenance documentation, or online in the MOTOREX Oil Finder. How do I get a MOTOREX Dynco device? Your MOTOREX representative will be glad to advise you on any questions you may have about transmission fluid flushing. Information about MOTOREX Dynco: The MOTOREX Dynco project manager Bernhard Flöck answers questions at the flushing days. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 116 I SEPTEMBER 2019 9



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