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CLEAN & CARE WATER-RESISTANT OIL-RESISTANT BREATHABLE ECONOMICAL EASY TO USE PROTEX FOR WATERPROOFING If you haven’t been thinking about waterproofing, the next downpour will bring it to mind. The end of the season is the perfect time to clean textiles, leather, and microfiber fabric articles before waterproofing for lasting protection. It only takes a moment with MOTOREX Protex. MOTOREX PROTEX SPRAY MOTOREX Protex waterproofing spray provides longlasting, effective protection against moisture and even oil. Suitable for leather, textiles, and modern microfiber fabrics such as Gore-Tex®. Fabric treated with MOTOREX Protex retains its natural breathability even after waterproofing, which is especially important for the proper functioning of high-tech textiles. Special ingredients keep the material from becoming saturated during waterproofing. MULTITALENTED MOTOREX Protex is colorless and perfect for treating shoes, motorcycle, ski, and cycling apparel, convertible roofs, and other sport and leisure articles. Protex can also be used to treat diving suits, providing even longer protection in the water. Areas exposed to extreme wear and tear can be treated more than once. Please follow the instructions for use. • Watch the video: watch?v=kUeMTBr0zrY 24

PRACTICE REFILL WITH … Using the wrong fluid in a machine or engine often leads to costly malfunctions and repairs. You can avoid that by using the robust aluminum stickers from MOTOREX, which display clear product information right up where the action is. Typical applications include agricultural and construction machinery – areas where technical complexity is increasing. Checking fluid levels in engines, transmissions, hydraulics and cooling systems is becoming ever more demanding, and finding the manufacturers’ instructions is increasingly time-consuming. MOTOREX PRODUCT STICKER Aluminum product stickers are available for many MOTOREX Farmer Line and MOTOREX Construction Line products. The stickers offer the following benefits: • compact 30 × 60 mm format • available in four languages (German, French, English, Swedish) • printed with precise product name • self-adhesive, won’t fall off • resistant to solvents, oil and heat • free for customers AVOID MIXING PRODUCTS All MOTOREX products meet a wide range of manufacturers’ specifications and are always precisely tuned for their particular application. To ensure the best longterm performance of each lubricant or fluid (antifreeze, for example), you should always top up with the same product. MOTOREX offers smaller containers for topping up. See your MOTOREX representative for MOTOREX product stickers and more information. • Stickers help to prevent mix-ups ... … and make maintenance a little easier. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 116 I SEPTEMBER 2019 25

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