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INSIDE LANGENTHAL INLINE MIXING AND FILLING: FAST, SAFE, PRECISE When it comes to high-volume production, capacity, speed and process consistency are key. With the new inline mixing and filling system at the new production plant in Langenthal, MOTOREX is significantly expanding its capacity for readily soluble mixtures, windshield fluids, and antifreezes. Join us on a tour of the new plant. INLINE MIXING AND FILLING SYSTEM KEY FACTS Capacity in 200-l drums Approx. 30 drums per hour Capacity, Tank Farm 4 780,000 l Inline mixing stations 3 Parallel production 3 different products Operators needed 1 Tank car capacity 15,000 to 25,000 l STORAGE CONVEYOR WITH 14 PALLET CAPACITY Stackers are used to feed loaded pallets to shipping or to the warehouse. HIGH-SPEED FILLING Four 200-liter drums can be filled quickly and accurately in an average of 300 seconds. 20

780,000-LITER CAPACITY Base fluids are fed to the mixing and filling system from an underground tank farm. DUAL PALLET ROLLER CONVEYOR Just-in-time delivery of various large-capacity containers (1000-l., 200-l., 60-l., 25-l., 10-l.) on pallets. Inline mixing tube for mixing aqueous and solvent-containing fluids. AUTOMATIC UNSTACKING Pallet shifting and unstacking. Sluice to explosion-proof mixing and filling room. INLINE MIXERS Inline mixers are suited for easily soluble mixtures. They cannot be used in production of lubricants. TANK FOR ADDITIVE COMPONENTS Up to four additional components can be added to the base fluid from the tank farm. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 116 I SEPTEMBER 2019 21

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