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HYDRAULICS PROINT AB A NOSE FOR HYDRAULICS Ted Kokolj and Håkan Björkman have been sniffing out service opportunities in the fields of waste, recycling, and utility vehicles since 2014. The ProInt engineers have an especially sensitive nose in the specialty field of hydraulics. HISINGS KÄRRA Skellefteå Malmö Stockholm Ted and Håkan’s many years of professional experience with utility vehicles were put to the test soon after the company’s founding when a neighboring business, Hans Andersson Recycling AB, asked for help with problems their waste collection trucks were having during winter operation. In cold weather, the garbage trucks’ hydraulics would slow down or even stop working altogether. ProInt analyzed these problems and, as a MOTOREX partner, had several fluid samples tested in the lab. HYDRAULIC FLUID COCKTAILS Technical defects turned out to be causing only a small portion of the malfunctions in the hydraulic systems. In many cases the main point of failure was an indiscriminate brew of hydraulic fluids, often heavily contaminated with particulate matter and moisture. The hydraulic fluid was not supplied by MOTOREX and generally contained a mixture of biodegradable and mineral oil-based products. Hydraulic fluids composed of unsaturated esters with a viscosity-temperature 18

curve unsuitable for winter operation were also found being used. FLUID IS A KEY SYSTEM COMPONENT ProInt AB recommended readily biodegradable MOTO- REX Ekosynt HEES, based on fully synthetic saturated esters, to its neighbor. Ekosynt HEES is far superior to any unsaturated ester product available on the market. In changing the fluid, the systems were properly flushed with careful attention to cleanliness. Today, after four years of using MOTOREX Ekosynt HEES in the field, everything works flawlessly. Each year the fluid is analyzed and the oil filters changed. And what about cost? “With the oxidation-resistant hydraulic fluid’s extended service life* and high reliability in operation, using MOTOREX Ekosynt HEES pays off,” says Ted Kokolj with conviction. Since then many other customers have followed his advice. AUTHORIZED PARTNER Together ProInt’s workforce has over 100 years of experience in maintaining, repairing, and building trucks. By working directly with waste collection vehicle makers, ProInt has access to NTM and Norba factory data systems and is now an authorized service partner for leading manufacturers. This is a necessity for calibrating and repairing these complex systems. At its four locations with a total of 1100 square meters of production space, ProInt AB also provides other services including welding and forging, maintenance and repair, lubrication consulting and distribution of MOTOREX products – a comprehensive range of services that’s hard to beat. • “In the long term, quality and service always pay off” – Ted Kokolj (left) and Håkan Björkman’s motto. The data system allows fine-tuning of hydraulic system parameters for a given application. *Observe manufacturer’s specifications FACTS AND FIGURES Company ProInt AB Headquarters Hisings Kärra (Sweden) Established 2014 Employees 6 2018 sales SEK 16 million Website Innovative: In the NTM Quattro, intelligent hydraulics control the supply of the various types of waste. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 116 I SEPTEMBER 2019 19



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