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REPORT © Amstutz

REPORT © Amstutz Holzenergie WOOD ENERGY FUELED BY INNOVATION With innovative technology and specialized expertise, a wide range of energy sources are being used ever more efficiently. Wood, a renewable and CO 2 -neutral resource, has been a point of fascination for Amstutz Holzenergie AG since the company’s founding in 1987. Since then the wood chip supplier has developed into a one-stop shop developing innovative solutions which it builds into its custom-made equipment. When lubrication challenges come up, Amstutz relies on MOTOREX. 12

You too have probably passed a timber rick at some time: a seemingly haphazard stack of wood alongside a forest track. These piles of energy are often found near heating plants. Producing wood chips for energy is the job of Amstutz Holzenergie’s four powerful mobile high-capacity wood chippers. The devices can handle logs up to 70 centimeters in diameter. Even bigger logs can be cut down to chippable size with a splitter attachment. The result: some 200 cubic meters of untreated wood chips per hour. A CHALLENGING INDUSTRY Like other industries, wood energy is subject to standards and regulations. For example, there is a precise classification (ISO EN 17225) for wood chips. Among other things, the standard specifies lumpiness (mass and shape), particle content and moisture content. Wood chips are divided into seven main categories. Amstutz Holzenergie supplies heating plants of capacities ranging up to several megawatts. These come in several varieties, producing environmentally safe steam for MOTOREX MAGAZINE 116 I SEPTEMBER 2019 13



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