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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


WHAT’S NEW © Jan Starek / Touratech READY FOR A MOTORCYCLE VACATION? On vacation you’re allowed to sleep in now and then – but not on the way there. Smart planning for a motorcycle tour includes getting a pre-tour checkup at the dealer’s and packing a supply of handy MOTOREX products. Being prepared is the best way to get that good feeling about the trip. For many motorcycle fans the big summer tour is the highlight of the year. So there’s nothing more frustrating than being left stranded by some minor breakdown. To be sure two-wheeled treks are an adventure and not a disaster, dealers offer the option of a pre-departure checkup. A mechanic will check the machine and know what to watch out for on the model in question. And once the bike is ready to pick up it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on essential MOTOREX lubricants and care products to take along. It’s well worth it for a safe and relaxing trip. • 6

PRE-TOUR CHECKUP AT THE SHOP Bikes are inspected by experienced mechanics using a point-by-point checklist. The items below relate to lubrication and maintenance with MOTOREX products (according to the manufacturer’s recommendations): MOTOR OIL TRANSMISSION FLUID DRIVE SHAFT/CHAIN LUBRICATION FORK AND SHOCK ABSORBER SET-UP COOLANT BRAKE FLUID LUBRICATION POINTS CLEANING AND CARE DON’T FORGET THE ESSENTIALS MOTOREX offers the most essential products for a worry-free tour in travel-size containers, some of which are refillable. They’re light and compact but pack a punch: SPARE MOTOR OIL 1 L Carry a liter of the same CHAINLUBE CHAIN SPRAY 500 / 56 ML With refillable QUICK CLEANER 500 ML Quick Cleaner for a quick, HELMET CARE CLEANING FOAM 200 ML Helmet Care cleaning PROTEX WATER- PROOFING SPRAY 500 ML Effective, long-lasting motor oil that’s already Chainlube spray, chain gentle clean – no water and care foam for helmet protection against in the engine (according lubrication won’t be necessary. Suitable shells and padding. moisture and oil. For to manufacturer’s neglected – even on for all plastics, glass, Deodorizes and freshens leather, textiles, and recommendations). lengthy tours. paints, and metals. colors. micro-fiber fabrics. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 7



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