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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


MOTOREX IN THE NEWS © Future7Media HARD, HARDER, 2019 ERZBERG RODEO The world’s greatest Extreme Enduro event will be held this year for the 25 th time. Over 1800 motorized rodeo riders from every corner of the earth will gather in Erzberg in the Austrian state of Styria. The competition will take place in two stages. On Friday and Saturday all competitors will take part in the Iron Road Prologue, in which they try to cover the Prologue track to the summit of Erzberg in as little time as possible. The 500 fastest will qualify for the Red Bull Hare Scramble on Sunday. This time the goal is to reach the end of the extremely challenging course within a four-hour time limit. Normally 20 or so participants make it. To protect the bikes against the extreme stresses of the race and the local ferrous dust, MOTOREX is the exclusive lubricant supplier not only to the top teams and riders but also to the organizing team. YOU CAN RELY ON GREASE 628 HIGHLY ADHESIVE LUBRICATES FROM –30 °C TO +120 °C REDUCES WEAR PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION HOT WATER AND STEAM RESISTANT VERSATILE Grease 628 is composed of lithium grease with a large dose of white solid lubricants – a formula for success. Grease 628 is highly adhesive and provides lubrication for extended periods. These qualities are especially important for hard-to-reach lubrication points. Excellent results are achieved in lubricating slideways and moving parts on cranes, telescoping handlers, and car carriers. Versatile Grease 628 is also suitable for heavy-duty roller and slide bearings, linear guides, gears, axles, sprocket wheels, spindles, and much more. Conforms to NLGI 2, KPF2K-30; DIN 51502; NSF-H2. 4

HAND WASHING SEASON IS BACK HIGHLY STABLE: MOTOREX SWISSCOOL 3000 Swisscool 3000 is the latest addition to MOTOREX’s range of watermiscible machining fluids with innovative polymer technology. In conventional machining fluids, each additive has its own function. In the new MOTOREX polymer technology the additives work together, yielding outstanding results when cutting cast materials and in challenging grinding operations, to name but two. Another big Swisscool 3000 plus is high biostability for a long emulsion service life. These are advantages that quickly pay off. HIGH GLOSS LONG-LASTING BEADING EFFECT ANTISTATIC PAINT SEALANT FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE RAPIDLY BIODEGRADABLE MOTOREX Clean & Care products mean better safety, cleanliness, and value retention. The newly overhauled product line now includes reformulated Wash & Pearl car shine shampoo with carnauba wax. One wash with MOTOREX Wash & Pearl cleans paint effectively and gently, producing a brilliant shine with a long- lasting beading effect and antistatic surface seal. Available in highcapacity one-liter dispenser bottles. PREVENTS STICK-SLIP BEHAVIOR REDUCES FRICTION EXTREMELY TEMPERATURE-STABLE LOW FOAM RAPID AIR RELEASE SHOCK ABSORBER OIL WITH 3D RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY Green light for the new MOTOREX Racing Shock Oil. Featuring innovative new 3D Response technology, this shock absorber oil for rear shocks on motorcycles and mountain bikes is ready to show off what it’s got. The new technology combines very low friction values with optimum air release and maximum temperature and shear stability. The result is an extremely sensitive responsiveness and elimination of the dreaded stick-slip effect. New MOTOREX Racing Shock Oil delivers constant damping action and ideal feedback even under extreme conditions. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 5

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