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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


BOX BIG MACHINES, LITTLE FANS Outriggers as high as a house, wheels as tall as a man, engines as strong as an ox, and XXXL-size scoops: these are “big machines”, their sheer dimensions exerting a magical pull on anyone with an interest in engineering. Just the thing for the three friends, Timo, Jérémy, and Elin. The trio got an opportunity to inspect every detail of these imposing bundles of power at MOTOREX. Up and down, underneath, in and out – anywhere the three wished to venture. But even the most intrepid builder needs a rest now and then. Time to find a shady spot to take a break in. It didn’t take long to find one; Elin was the first to make a run for it, reaching the shady scoop ahead of her visibly flagging buddies. A “victory” for Elin and the cool “big machines” at MOTOREX. Left to right: Timo, Jérémy and Elin enjoy a little shade. DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THE “REEKIE SPEEDWAY” RACER? © Declan Brownsey Australians Allan and Angus Reekie have one thing in common: KTM motorcycles and winning races on them. For 20 years the pair have ridden together in the MX, Supermoto, and Rc8r classes and even on a 1290 Superduke for Jeff Leisk. The result: a dozen Australian titles. In his day job Angus runs a KTM dealership. In his free time he built a compact speedcar together with his father Allan. Naturally, the one-off racer has a 1190 cc KTM engine. Well-lubricated with MOTOREX, the engine delivers 100 horsepower to the rear axle by way of a drive shaft with a differential. The competition is still chain-driven ... Racing triumphs and fun were not long in coming. For the upcoming season, competing in the Australian Compact Titles and East Coast Titles QLD and NSWales is already on the calendar. “A good opportunity to promote KTM and MOTOREX a little,” says Allan Reekie with a grin. OTTOREX 26

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