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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

PRACTICE © Zech Agrar

PRACTICE © Zech Agrar GmbH GRIMME DIGS POTATOES Potatoes grow underground. How they get there and back out involves innovative farming technology from Grimme – equipment used by Zech Agrar GmbH and impeccably maintained with MOTOREX. Zech Agrar GmbH, based in Frauenkirchen, Austria, provides a seamless agricultural supply chain, from sowing through harvesting to processing, all within a 150 kilometer radius of Vienna. The company coordinates farmers’ acreage under cultivation with industry and commercial demand. Scheduling harvesting equipment and logistics can be a real challenge; major buyers such as McDonald’s® and Kelly’s® are exacting when it comes to timely delivery of precise quantities and adherence to detailed quality standards. PLANT, HARVEST, HAUL Because efficiency and speed are key success factors, each machine is equipped with a GPS guidance system. The equipment pool includes five Fendt 724 tractors, five Grimme mounted implements and four Grimme potato harvesters. Maintaining a state-of-the-art equipment pool is an ongoing commitment. Grimme and Zech are close partners, so it’s not unusual for newly developed Grimme machines to be field-tested by Zech. STURDY AND RELIABLE In season, the equipment operates continuously under extreme loads. “That’s when the performance of our lubricants becomes measurable,” says Alexander Zech, who especially values the technical advice provided by MOTOREX. MOTOREX Chainlube Professional, for example, proved to be the solution for preventing unpleasant squeaking, excessive wear, or even breakage of heavily stressed hopper chains in Grimme potato harvesters. A significant reduction in wear was achieved by applying MOTOREX Grease 5300 to all movable parts and to the highly stressed drawbar – a welcome contribution to a successful harvest. • “Less wear and longer life: Chainlube Professional from MOTOREX is the ideal chain lubricant for our harvesters.” Roman Bauer, Grimme Agrartechnik factory representative, Damme, Germany Excellent lubricating properties, deep penetration, strong adhesion, water and dirt resistance: Chainlube Professional was specially developed for heavy-duty applications. 24

NORDIC © Kungälv Energi MOTOREX AT A THERMAL POWER PLANT 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the Munkegärdeverket thermal power plant in Sweden supplies heat and electric power produced from locally sourced wood waste and solar energy. MOTOREX lubricants keep the plant’s technical systems circulating smoothly. The Munkegärde thermal power plant belongs to Kungälv Energi. Kungälv and the municipality of Munkegärde are located about 25 kilometers north of Gothenburg. 100 % RENEWABLE ENERGY The plant uses local wood waste as fuel, i.e. yard trimmings along with wood chips and bark from sawmills and local forestry operations. A mixture is formed of 60 % tree branches and treetops and 40 % chips and bark. Combustion takes place at roughly 850 °C in two crucibles, with a flue gas condensation unit producing hot water for district heating in Kungälv. The steam is used to drive a turbine which generates 2,7 MWh of electricity around the clock. transmitted by MOTOREX Corex HV hydraulic fluid. Various technical greases also help prevent wear and costly downtimes. Your MOTOREX partner will be glad to advise you on your own applications. • POWERFUL LUBRICATION In operation, the multi-tonne turbine rotor revolves on its axis 1500 times per minute and is exposed to high pressure, heat, and humidity. The formidable condenser is lubricated with heavy-duty, oxidationresistant MOTOREX Turbine Oil ISO VG 46. Hydraulic systems also play a key role at the plant. Pumps, cylinders, and valves are required to deliver top performance under challenging climatic conditions. The power is Lifting multi-tonne loads hydraulically around the clock: bulk-handling cranes for delivering fuel material. Team leader Ulf Lysmark (l) and technician Magnus Angelholm with “their” steam turbine. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 25


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