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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


INDUSTRY ERFOLGSGESCHICHTE – SUCCESS STORY WERNER HÜBNER GMBH A QUANTUM LEAP WITH SWISSCOOL 8000 The metalworking industry faces strong pressures to optimize its processes, as Hans-Georg Hübner, owner and CEO of W. Hübner GmbH in Lüneburg in northern Germany, can attest. Adopting MOTOREX Swisscool 8000 has opened new dimensions for Hübner. As a contract manufacturer, the company not only produces but also develops products under contract. The high-quality, often complex components it builds are primarily composed of aluminum, steel, and non-ferrous metals. Having the right machining fluid is of key importance. NO COMPROMISES After seeing the results, management at Hübner was no longer willing to accept the compromises inherent in the emulsion the company had been using. Adopting MOTOREX Swisscool 8000 with its pioneering polymer technology yielded the following improvements: EMULSION AS PROCESS FACTOR Odor problems and spotting of nearly all alloys had prompted Hübner to take a closer look at the machining fluid the company was using. When it proved impossible to resolve problems with the previous supplier’s product, MOTOREX was called in as an independent lubrication specialist. A situation analysis was followed by lab evaluations and tests with high-performance MOTOREX Swisscool 8000. The results amounted to a genuine quantum leap. • Massively improved machine cleanliness • Clear vision panels • Less fluid discharge on parts • Odors eliminated • Optimal shop climate • Strong performance with high-quality finishes • Fluid consumption reduced by up to 40 % • Spotting eliminated 22

Top thread-cutting results (D 2 mm / depth 3.5 mm × D) in a wrought aluminum alloy (Al Mg 3) with a concentration of just 7 % (previously 13 %). Running the business with skill and passion: H.-G. Hübner (owner) and A. Singelmann (general manager). Quality specifications are checked several times during production. Foaming characteristics PERFORMANCE COMPARISON Cleanliness 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Machine environment Swisscool 8000 Competitors Scale of 0 to 10 (low to high) Performance Machining performance Biological stability Material compatibility INTO THE FUTURE WITH DRIVE The family business was founded in 1975. With currently over 40 modern CNC machines (average age 4 years), production capacity is roughly 150,000 machine- hours per year. Behind it all, H.-G. Hübner, representing the second generation of his family in the business, keeps well-informed of everything and knows everyone at the plant personally. He is assisted by a highly skilled general manager and over 100 dynamic employees whose average age is 36. The company’s 17 apprentices are also a source of pride. With a deliberate rejuvenation program, talent promotion, and long-term customer relationships, lubrication expertise from MOTOREX is not the only thing keeping Hübner ready to face the future. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 23

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