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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


INSIDE QUICK AUDIT CAPABILITY FIRST-IN, FIRST-OUT PICKING OPTIMUM AVAILABILITY LOGISTICAL DATA IN REAL TIME MOTOREX continues to expand its quality management and logistics by applying QR codes to all products. And you benefit. TRACKED QUALITY AND LOGISTICS Having an unbroken audit trail is essential in a production plant. At MOTOREX, various kinds of information are systematically captured, stored, and processed for quality assurance and logistical purposes using QR codes. Because these codes can be scanned with a mobile device, they’ve become especially indispensable in logistical operations at the plant, facilitating FIFO (first in, first out) picking so that the oldest batch of mate- rials is always used first. All logistical data is available in real time for inventory control in SAP. Detailed information in the following areas can be retrieved for each of over 3500 products: • Item • Quality • Raw materials • Logistics • Production • Safety The QR code contains two six-digit numbers. The number on the left is the item number; the one on the right stores production details. Example of information included on a label. The barcode (EAN/GTIN) contains machine-readable information for retail. Mobile scanning helps make logistical data available in real time. HOW TO USE THE CODE Do you have questions about a product delivered to you? Your MOTOREX partner will ask you for the item and production number. These two six-digit numbers are printed below the QR code. If the numbers are illegible, you can read the code using a universal QR app on your cellphone. The device will display the two sixdigit numbers. • 18

People are the most important key to success for any business. As a family business with worldwide operations, over 350 employees from 20 nations currently belong to the MOTOREX family. And more are joining them all the time. We’re looking for capable people with dedication and initiative. ONLINE JOB LISTINGS Openings at MOTOREX are first published on the internal website and then posted to the relevant job boards. Thus most applications arrive at the MOTOREX HR department through electronic channels. Each one is personally, expertly, and conscientiously reviewed, and a reply is sent within a reasonable time. INCREASINGLY INTERNATIONAL MOTOREX operates its own distribution companies and production plants at seven international locations. As a result most employees in production, administration, logistics, sales, etc. come from the geographical vicinity of the local establishments. Especially in sales, many have specialized vocational training in a related industry (e.g. motorcycle mechanics) and become technical specialists. Hiring for professional specialists such as development engineers and chemists is increasingly international. APPRENTICES AND RECENT GRADUATES Recent graduates and apprentices can also find exciting jobs at MOTOREX in Switzerland. During their training, all apprentices gain insight into the company’s various departments and take on their own duties and projects. • Interested? Here’s the link to job openings at MOTOREX (German only): MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 19



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