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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN


MARINE 2857 KM TOTAL LENGTH 9 POWER PLANTS * OVER 95,000 VESSELS ANNUALLY * * in Austria BUSY DANUBE SHIPPING ROUTE: MAINTENANCE CAN BE A CHALLENGE © viadonau/Zinner For over 2000 years traders have used the Danube to transport their wares. As Europe’s second-longest river, the Danube flows through Austria for a distance of 350 kilometers. To this day it has lost nothing of its importance as an international transport route. “viadonau”, Österreichische Wasserstrassen- Gesellschaft mbH, headquartered in Vienna, is responsible for technical maintenance of infrastructure along the Danube. Lubricants from MOTOREX keep the machinery and equipment in motion. The total length of the Danube is 2857 kilometers. The river flows from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, traversing ten countries along the way. As a major water transport route it supplies an economic area inhabited by over 90 million people, furnishing them not only with goods but also with drinking water and valuable living environments. Since 2005 “viadonau” has operated flood control dams, kept shipping channels open, and ensured safe and efficient traffic management at nine locks along 300 kilometers of the Danube in Austria. This also includes maintaining 500 kilometers of towpaths and 250 kilometers of cycling routes. FREE PASSAGE FOR ALL Did you know that traveling the international Danube waterway and using the Danube locks is free of charge? Payment is required only for passage on canals and 16

The 100-tonne lock gates require regular professional maintenance to remain functional. “viadonau” performs numerous tasks, from placing buoys to maintaining the navigation channel. 9 LOCKS * Readily biodegradable MOTOREX Bioguard Plus chain oil is the first choice in riverbank zones. Mowing and trimming of clearance zones is carried out using Energreen machines maintained using MOTOREX products. handling of goods in ports. Many of the states along the Danube are EU members, so it is no surprise that the volume of goods and number of passengers on the river are growing from year to year. But growing use also means expanding infrastructure and maintenance activities. WITH DEDICATION FOR THE RIVER Organized into seven specialist units, 260 “viadonau” employees are busy each day caring for, protecting, and ensuring the safety and development of the Danubian space. There are four service centers along the course of the river through Austria. One of their key tasks is caring for the riverbank zone. Driftwood is continually brought ashore and removed. The Bad Deutsch-Altenburg service center is home to a slipway facility, where powerful winches haul boats into the water or onto the shore for repairs and maintenance work. UNDER WAY WITH MOTOREX In addition to the slipway facility, “viadonau” depends on MOTOREX for lubrication of motorized equipment, machinery, vehicles, and infrastructure at the Bad Deutsch-Altenburg service center. The lubricant specialist always has the right product for any need. In particular, readily biodegradable lubricants such as chainsaw oils and hydraulic fluids are in high demand on and near the water. Water-resistant Grease 2000 and practical helpers in spray form such as Chainlube Professional/PTFE Oil Spray have become practically indispensable for daily maintenance work at “viadonau”. These products will be part of keeping life, nature, and commerce along the Danube flowing smoothly far into the future. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 17



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