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MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

MOTOREX Magazine 2019 115 EN

REPORT © Stanserhorn

REPORT © Stanserhorn STANSERHORN TWO OPEN-AIR CARS IN A HIGH-WIRE ACT In the summer of 2012 the Stanserhornbahn began operating the world’s first cable lift with an open upper deck. The unique design meant new challenges for everyone involved. Today the “Cabrio” is a showpiece for the Swiss tourist industry. To guarantee smooth operation, the system operator also set high quality standards for its suppliers. 10

From Stans to Kälti passengers take an antique opensided funicular, operating on electric power since 1893. At the Kälti transfer station, passengers cross over 125 years of cableway history to the accompaniment of lively folk music. The wind ruffles the hair of the upper-deck passengers, carrying the scent of hay, forests, and fresh mountain air. To reach the halfway station at Kälti from Stans they had taken an antique funicular built in 1893. That ride had felt like something from another era. And now? Now they’re standing on a “futuristic balcony,” gazing out over Lake Lucerne as they’re carried up to the Stanserhorn peak. From spring to fall of last year the two Cabrio cars carried over 212,000 passengers. PIONEERING SPIRIT PERSISTS TODAY The cableway’s history is testimony to a pioneering spirit. In 1893 passengers made the adventurous ascent to the Stanserhorn (1850 metres above sea level) by funicular railway. By 1975 this had been replaced by an aerial lift (37 passengers), culminating in the Cabrio lift (60 passengers) in 2012. From groundbreaking to opening day the project took just 13 months to complete, spearheaded by cableway specialist Garaventa/ Doppelmayr. PANORAMIC VIEW INCLUDED Unlike conventional aerial lifts with a single suspension rope, the Cabrio cars travel on two ropes, supported by lateral-mounted rollers. This design places the cabin’s upper deck above the cables, giving passengers an unobstructed panoramic view for the entire trip. Operational, the cabin weighs roughly 12 tonnes and is stabilized by a sophisticated leveling system. This electronically controlled system uses 100 liters of Basel Bern Lucerne STANS Zurich MOTOREX MAGAZINE 115 I MAY 2019 11



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