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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS SPECIAL CHAIN LUBRICANT FOR TOURING ENDUROS LOW DIRT ADHESION WATER- AND PRESSURE-RESISTANT LUBRICANT LAYER LONG SERVICE LIFE, NON-DRIP WITHSTANDS ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS WITH PTFE TO REDUCE WEAR AND TEAR READY FOR THE BIG TOUR? MOTOREX offers tailor-made chain care products for every application. The new Chainlube Adventure aims straight at yet another user profile. The white chain lubricant with PTFE (a solid lubricant) is specially designed for the requirements of modern touring enduro bikes and features extremely long-lasting performance. The waterproof, dirt-repelling and highly adhesive chain lubricant is suitable for everyday use as well as extended tours. It shows its strengths both during a quick dash to the destination by highway and on the following adventure tour. Either way, the focus is always on optimum lubrication and strong protection against wear in the chain, sprocket and chainring. Available today in the economical 500-ml spray can. Try it out now! A POWERFUL FINISH TO AN 8TH TRIUMPH For the eighth time, readers of Swiss motoring magazine “ auto-illustrierte ” have voted MOTOREX best brand in the lubricants category. For MOTOREX, this eighth victory in a row validates our years of constant work to bring our customers the best possible value and service. Thank you for choosing us! LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2011 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2012 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2013 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2014 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2015 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2016 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2017 LUBRICANTS BEST BRAND 2018 4

“KTM SUPPLIER AWARD” FOR MOTOREXMOTOREX is an A+ supplier who has impressed us with their strong performance and top reliability,” says KTM. The successful company from Mattighofen, Austria regularly assesses the quality of its suppliers and has recognized MOTOREX with its “KTM Supplier Quality Excellence Award” more than once in the past. For 16 years now, KTM and MOTOREX have worked hand in hand. Together with factory filling of all KTM series bikes, this collaboration also includes a successful motor sports program. The expertise acquired in competition flows directly back into mass-market products and is part of every KTM and MOTOREX Moto Line product. Congratulations! REFRESHING SPOT OF COLOR AT AUTO ZÜRICH It is him, isn’t it? That’s what everyone was wondering when they caught sight of Mr Bean by the MOTOREX stand at Auto Zürich. It soon became clear that Mr Bean and the beefy “Meanie” were just doppelgänger. The Meanie is a highly modified Mini Cooper, built in a small series (seven in all) in collaboration with Emil Frey Classics as part of a bachelor thesis project. The street-legal 220 hp mid-engine power dwarf weighs a mere 875 kilos and accelerates from zero to 100 kph in less than four seconds. Of course the scene with the Meanie and Mr Bean doppelgänger by the booth was staged for guests. But the ideal MOTOREX lubricants and care products for the Meanie are the real thing. A fun time was had by all. Thank you for dropping by! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 114 I JANUARY 2019 5

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