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INSIDE LANGENTHAL AUTOMATIC DRUM HANDLING: Z “ ROBI ” LENDS A HAND With the launch of an automated drum handling system, the first industrial 1350 290 robot at MOTOREX celebrates its debut. B 270 A C D ROBI IRB 760-450 24 300 1052 Name Robi IRB 760-450 Acceleration 0.8 m/s 2 Application Material handling Range 3.18 m and palletization Lifting capacity 450 kg Axes 4 Weight 2300 kg E

The robot does the heavy work while humans supervise. Where once empty and full barrels were moved multiple times by hand or with warehouse equipment during the filling process, today the entire process is reduced to feeding in empty drums and carrying off the finished product on pallets. Sophisticated automation has optimized the filling process and improved process consistency. Join us on a tour of the drum filling station and meet “Robi”! • 1. DRUM DELIVERY In accordance with production planning, drums are delivered just-in-time and carried by lift to the buffer zone at the drum station. 2. BUFFER ZONE AND DRUM STATION Once delivered, the drums are held temporarily in the buffer zone before being sorted by type onto one of eight roller conveyors. 3. AUTOMATIC UNSTACKING Robi unstacks the pallets and sets the empty drums on the motorized roller conveyor leading to the filling station. 4. TWO DRUMS PER MINUTE One minute later, two full 200-liter drums are on their way back to Robi, who sets four drums on each pallet without the need for human guidance. 5. CENTRAL LOADING RAMP The full pallet is automatically carried to the loading ramp. 6. READY FOR THE WAREHOUSE The products are transported by forklift to their assigned warehouse bays. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 114 I JANUARY 2019 25



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