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HYDRAULICS © Takeuchi COREX HVLP-D ZF: WHEN THE HYDRAULIC HEART BEATS ZINC-FREE Even as modern hydraulic systems grow ever more powerful, we expect them to be more economical at the same time. These demands have a direct impact on how hydraulic fluids are formulated. Zinc-free MOTOREX Corex HVLP-D ZF 46 is a typical example of the new generation of fluids. Indeed modern hydraulic systems not only have to meet rising performance and quality expectations, but also have an increasingly longer hydraulic fluid service life. The MOTOREX research and development department employs designated hydraulic specialists, committed to developing new solutions in collaboration with different manufacturers. WATER, DIRT AND HEAT! Water, contaminants and high temperatures are the three main factors that sooner or later put every hydraulic system to the test – especially if you’re going to be working with the same hydraulic fluid for a long time. The table on page 21 shows how MOTOREX is tackling these risk factors with Corex HVLP-D ZF. 20

CAUSE EFFECT COREX HVLP-D ZF SOLUTION Water Temperature fluctuations generate condensation which contaminates the hydraulic system. Water in the hydraulic fluid. Can absorb and hold up to 1 % water in suspension. And zinc-free additives do not react with water. As a result, the properties of the hydraulic fluid are unaffected and metal surfaces are effectively protected against corrosion despite the presence of water. Dirt Dirt particles contaminate the system. Under high pressure, these particles become weargenerating, function-degrading “projectiles”. Dirt particles can form deposits in the system, produce wear or even cause the hydraulic control system to break down. Special additives that clean and hold dirt particles in suspension help keep the system clean. This allows contami nants to be reliably carried to the filter, where they are removed when the filter is changed. Heat Heavy-duty hydraulic systems with high flow quantities and heavy shear forces heat the hydraulic fluid to extreme temperatures. Engineering designs with smaller oil volumes heat up under heavy loads, generating oxidation products. The innovative, zinc-free additive mix is extremely stable even at elevated temperatures. This reduces formation of oxidation products and protects against deposits and wear. Clean: Corex HVLP-D ZF holds dirt particles in suspension and carries them to the filters. Under pressure: The valve set on this Takeuchi compact excavator controls all hydraulic functions. MOTOREX COREX HVLP-D ZF The Corex HVLP-D ZF success formula is in the additives. A completely reformulated additive package with zinc-free anti-wear components makes the mineral oil-based heavy-duty hydraulic fluid’s many positive qualities possible. As a result, Corex HVLP-D ZF sets a new quality standard. • CLEANING AND DIRT-REPELLENT EFFECT WATER ABSORPTION CAPACITY OF UP TO 1 % EXCELLENT RESISTANCE TO HIGH PRESSURE WEAR-REDUCING PROPERTIES PREVENTS STICK-SLIP BEHAVIOR RAPID AIR RELEASE NEUTRAL TO GASKETS OUTSTANDING PROTECTION AGAINST CORROSION EXTENDED SERVICE LIFE SPECIFICATIONS Hydraulic oil HVLP-D Hydraulic oil HVLP to DIN 51524/T3 (except water separation ability) Observe manufacturers’ specifications and consult with Technical Customer Service if you have any questions. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 114 I JANUARY 2019 21

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