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REPORT CONTINUED spark plugs look like the originals but are made on a slightly larger scale. The flat V12’s entire fuel system including control system is particularly fascinating. Daniel was able to get the electronics from a family member of the dotcom generation. The 6.4 hp flat engine can reach up to 8,000 rpm before cutting back. The sound it makes is like no other. But which Motorconcept V12 has the lovelier tone: the 60° V12 with carburetors or the fuel-injection flat 12? That’s like comparing Mozart with Beethoven or Pepsi® with Coca-Cola® – in other words, purely a question of taste. What’s certain, however, is that the only lubricants for Daniel and Bernard are from MOTOREX. MINIATURIZED: THE CYLINDER HEADS THE OIL PUMP THE STARTER Beaming in amazement: Mauro Forghieri (r.) with Daniel (l.) and Bernard in 2007 in Modena. VISITORS WELCOME With advance notice you can experience these Motorconcept masterpieces live in Ecublens near Lausanne, by yourself or in a professional group, club or business. The only thing the two passionate pensioners ask is that you have ears for a motley orchestra of internal combustion engines – electric vehicles have no place in their world. • There’s no high-tech equipment here to be found. Daniel’s 14 square meter workshop. 18

HEAR THE MUSIC SCAN QR CODE WITH SMARTPHONE! 1-CYLINDER 4-STROKE Gasoline 12 cc/0.13 hp/4,000 rpm Built in 2017 1-CYLINDER 4-STROKE DIESEL Diesel 80 cc/1.3 hp/3,000 rpm Built in 1988 4-CYLINDER 4-STROKE Gasoline 60 cc/2.3 hp/10,000 rpm Built in 1997 watch?v=qR-uSBb_8H0 watch?v=xdS4onqwSe0 watch?v=JZWneDvWFGI 6-CYLINDER 4-STROKE Gasoline 127 cc/1.5 hp/4,500 rpm Built in 1967 12-CYLINDER 4-STROKE Gasoline 200 cc/6.4 hp/8,000 rpm Built in 2007 7-CYLINDER 4-STROKE Gasoline 100 cc/3.9 hp/6,200 rpm Built in 2010 watch?v=zlM3woCCVBo watch?v=E9_Um4JqHH0 watch?v=3iccSlHf_a0 MOTOREX MAGAZINE 114 I JANUARY 2019 19

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