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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS POCKET HELPER FOR MARKSMEN Ideal for hunters and target shooters: MOTOREX Gun Care spray in the new 56-ml “baby can” fits in any jacket pocket and is refillable as needed! Gun Care provides protection and care for all weapons, dissolves powder residues, displaces moisture and neutralizes corrosive substances such as hand sweat. By enhancing functional reliability, Gun Care makes every shot a bit more accurate. Available as a 300 ml and 56 ml spray. CLEANS LUBRICATES PRESERVES PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION REFILLABLE GENTLE FORMULA HIGH PERFORMANCE AEROSPACE COMPLIANT EXCELLENT BIOSTABILITY FOR ALL APPLICATIONS SWISSCOOL AERO 8200 TAKES OFF MOTOREX launches the latest generation of machining fluids with the Swisscool 8000 series. What makes the boron- and formaldehyde-free 8000 emulsions such a success is their pioneering polymer technology. Water- miscible Swisscool Aero 8200 coolant-lubricant was specifically designed for the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. It stands out from the previous standard, far exceeding all previous performance, economy and sustainability requirements. Its universality makes it suitable for a wide range of machining processes with materials including high-alloy steel, titanium, aircraft aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Swisscool Aero 8200 has passed all relevant MVU tests at Lufthansa Technik Laboratory Services as well as the ASTM-F1110 Sandwich Corrosion Test, the ASTM-F19 Hydrogen Embrittlement Test and others. COLLABORATION WITH GREMO Forestry equipment producer GREMO and MOTOREX have signed a collaboration agreement for initial filling of engine, gear and hydraulic oils and coolants. The agreement also includes technical support and valuable services such as the MOTOREX oil analysis service. GREMO will have ready access to MOTOREX knowledge and experience, including during development of the next generation of equipment. Founded in the early 1960s, the Swedish company is located in Ätran in the municipality of Falkenberg, where the machines are developed and produced in its own state-of-the-art plant. The company is among the leaders in its segment, and GREMO machinery can be found all over the world. GREMO’s primary market is Europe. 4

TOP INFOTAINMENT AT INTERMOT COLOGNE GERMAN MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY MEETS AT MOTOREX The German Motorcycle Industry Association (IVM e.V.) represents manufacturers production plant. And the participants impressions on a tour of the MOTOREX and importers of motorcycles and scooters, were indeed impressed by the innovative motorcycle accessories and gear. The 60- facility. The event was emceed by Ronald plus members of the IVM make up more Kabella (Director of Powersports), who also than 95 per cent of the German motorcycle represents supporting members on the market. The IVM gathered at MOTOREX in IVM’s four-person Steering Committee. Langenthal for its latest annual general meeting. Alongside the official portion of the association’s conference, a good 60 attendees also had the opportunity to gather From October 3 to 7, 2018 the latest motorcycles, scooters, electric bikes and the most important novelties in accessories, apparel, parts, customization, travel and shop equipment will be on display at the Koelnmesse fairgrounds. INTERMOT Cologne will occupy 100,000 square meters of exhibit space plus another 60,000 square meters outdoors. MOTOREX will be showing the latest lubrication and care creations among the over 50 products of the Moto Line. Attractions such as autograph sessions with racers and teams and a custom BMW motorcycle built specially for Intermot 2018 by Sport-Evolution (see page 14) await you at the MOTOREX booths in Hall 9.1, aisle B, booth 107 and aisle D, booth 108. We look forward to seeing you there! MOTOREX AT MOTO MORINI In the world of motorcycles, manufacturers and racers hailing from Italy have always wielded a certain fascination. Moto Morini is no exception. Founded in Bologna in 1937, the company currently makes four downright opinionated bikes based on an intriguing 102.5 kW/139 hp 1.2-liter V2 engine. The Morini Corsaro VT shown here, like the Scrambler and Milano models, is manufactured in the north of Italy in Trivolzio near Pavia. Moto Morini is uncompromising when it comes to quality, working with the leading suppliers in each field. In lubrication, the manufacturer depends on expertise and products from MOTOREX. Whether in the engine, gear system, bearings, chain, radiator or brake system, MOTOREX Moto Line products are a part of every Morini! Che bello! MOTOREX MAGAZINE 113 I SEPTEMBER 2018 5



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