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BOX “KEEP OFF THE BRAKE AND USE MOTOREX SPRAY…” The air was thick with nervous excitement before the start of the First Oberaargau Soapbox Grand Prix in late May 2018. Many of the 74 big and little (7 years and up) drivers were competing in a soapbox derby for the first time. The race was organized by the ToKJO children’s and youth center in Langenthal and the Swiss Soapbox Club (SSK). The starting ramp was located a stone’s throw away from Thunstetten Castle near Langenthal. The weather was perfect and the sound of the starting gun unmistakable, launching a wild ride down the mountain road toward Bützberg at speeds of up to 60 kph. Before the first heat many of the avid young racers had built their own soapbox cars. The whole family became part of the team, with the occasional hammer blow landing on a stray finger instead of hitting the nail on the head – ouch! Fortunately the race, cushioned by over 200 hay bales, took place without incident. One of the successful young drivers had this insider tip to share: “Just keep off the brake and oil the bearings with MOTOREX before starting!” • © Tacita Watch the video: DID YOU KNOW… TACITA GOES WITH MOTOREX FOR ELECTRIC Italian electric motorcycle builder Tacita is all about torque and speed. To provide maximum torque at all times, Tacita equips its two lines of bikes, the T-Cruiser (cruiser) and T-Race (offroad) with manual transmissions (five-speed and two-speed). And that’s not the only technical trick the exclusive manufacturer has up its sleeve. The water-cooled electric motors produce output ranging from 7.5 to 27 kW with maximum torque of 70 Nm. Riders can choose among different operating modes. With a battery capacity of 27 kWh, the T-Cruiser has a range of up to 270 kilometers! To keep the transmission and all the other lubricated components humming smoothly, Tacita relies on lubricants from the MOTOREX Moto Line. Featuring Italian-American design, these innovative bikes are guaranteed to bring new excitement to the e-motorcycle market. • OTTOREX 22

AUTUMN BASEBALLCAP LIFESTYLE The Baseballcap Lifestyle collection comprises caps made of soft mixed fabrics. The curved peak, the stitched MOTOREX logo on the front and the Racing Batch on the side convey a sporty look. MOTOREX BARREL MUG 100 YEARS Ceramic mug in barrel form with removable silicon bottom. Approx. 85×105 mm (without handle). Availability: set of 8 mugs in card - board box. As long as stock lasts! SUNGLASSES MOTOREX MOTOREX sunglasses green/black. With logos on both sides. Lenses UV 400 protection. Article no 451721 Article no 451505 Article no 451773 Please order these articles exclusively through your importer.



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