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PRACTICE STRONG CLEANING PERFORMANCE MILD ACTIVE GEL FORMULA BIODEGRADABLE PROTECTS AGAINST CORROSION © WHEEL CLEANER: SOFT POWER Many wheel rim cleaners depend on aggressive ingredients for their cleaning effect. Not MOTOREX Wheel Cleaner. With its new active gel formula, this gentle, acid-free rim cleaner quickly and thoroughly dissolves even tough dirt on rims. The new Wheel Cleaner from the Clean & Care-program was developed with the same high standards that MOTOREX applies to research and development of highend lubricants. DIN 51360/2 CORROSION TEST Conventional rim cleaner MOTOREX Wheel Cleaner NEW ACTIVE GEL FORMULA In collaboration with rim manufacturers, a large number of requirements were incorporated into the specifications of the new cleaner and verified in both lab and field testing. The following benefits of MOTOREX Wheel Cleaner emerged: • Gentle pH value of 8.6 is easy on surfaces • Gel-like active ingredient dissolves brake dust, soot and road dirt after about 5 minutes of contact time • Inhibitors protect against corrosion (sealing the rim surface and keeping brake disks from rusting) • Special foam nozzle in spray head transforms the gel-like active ingredient into a foam which clings tightly to the rim • High-quality sprayer with 360° spraying position (500 ml) • Also available in large container (25 l) Steel Aluminum Steel SPRAY ON – LET SOAK – RINSE OFF Aluminum Simple and effective: Apply foam generously to the rim with the pump sprayer, wait for the foam to break down (about five minutes), then rinse thoroughly with a strong jet of water. When cleaning rims, always make sure the cleaner doesn’t dry on. Apply only to cold rims. Do not apply in bright sunlight. For rims with a polished surface, final drying with a microfiber cloth is recommended. Your sales representative will be glad to provide more information about the new Wheel Cleaner. • 20

RACING An idea conceived in a pub in 2004 has become the most popular event in Austria’s Waldviertel, with 20,000 spectators. “FAST AND FURIOUS” IN THE WALDVIERTEL Each year 90 teams from Austria, Germany and Switzerland assemble in Reingers on the Austrian-Czech border for a 24-hour antique tractor race. Racers compete in two classes, A for stock machines and the unrestricted class B. Tractors built in 1975 or earlier are eligible. Racers reach speeds as high as an incredible 120 kph! Two full-blooded mechanics, Thomas Kraus and Manfred Weigmann, compete in both classes under the name Steyr Speed Team. They invest countless hours of work and sleepless nights in their racing tractors. Since 2010 they have been working continuously to develop and improve their racing machine. They have designed and built their own transmission parts, axle stubs, mud flaps and tank, to name just a few examples. Their 1974 Steyr 540 is equipped with a VW T3 Bus front axle, a racing clutch and disk brakes. The transmission and split axles were likewise built to achieve optimum acceleration. MOTOREX Farmer Line lubricants ensure smooth and dependable operation. On race day up to four drivers per vehicle can take part. Besides the drivers, who endure poor visibility and extreme physical stresses, the most important factor in a team’s success is its pit stop strategy. For the past three years the Steyr Speed Team has taken second place in the unrestricted class, also capturing second place in the stock class in 2017. Team 49 repeated its result, whereas Team 48 was halted by a technical problem. Even so, a good time was had by all! Watch the video: Two teams in MOTOREX livery lined up for the start. Some 90 classic tractors took part in the 15th international long-distance world championships. Powerslides: always a head-turner. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 113 I SEPTEMBER 2018 21



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