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REPORT CONTINUED © extreme cold and heat. Forestry experts turn to rapidly biodegradable, highly environmentally friendly and long-lasting Oekosynt Hees (Hydraulic Environmental Ester Synthetic) hydraulic fluid. The biofluid has been successfully tested in the lab by hydraulics specialist Bosch Rexroth and in the field in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers. Efficient: A single operator uses remote-controlled equipment to haul out the logs, and the cable is released by a radio signal. BIODEGRADABILITY OF HYDRAULIC FLUIDS © Low-impact use of machinery: On steep and poorly accessible terrain, logging is done mainly by cables and winches. EXAMPLE: SUPPLYING A HARVESTER 1 MOTOR OILS Because motor oil is a key factor in how long an engine can keep running, the right choice is crucial and top quality is in high demand. From modern, fuel-efficient motor oils to lubricants suitable for older machines, MOTOREX has it all. 4 TECHNICAL GREASES Greases are used to lubricate forestry equipment at many different points. With over 50 different technical greases, MOTOREX has the professional product for every application. 2 HYDRAULIC FLUIDS The right hydraulic oil is essential for minimizing losses in transmission of hydraulic power from pump to cylinder. A biodegradable or mineral hydraulic oil from MOTOREX keeps complex systems running efficiently. 1 7 2 8 3 GEAR OILS Transmission fluid is used to minimize friction within all kinds of gear systems and to cushion the pressure between contact surfaces. MOTOREX has the solution in liquid form, precisely according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 3 4 12

Removing dried-on tree resin can be tough. It’s an easy job with MOTOREX Resin Remover. CLEANING AND RUST-PROOFING Once the day’s work is done, it’s time to clean and rustproof the equipment. Anyone who has ever tried to remove tree resin without the right cleaner will know what we’re talking about... MOTOREX Resin Cleaner works great and even removes dried-on resin residues on machines and tools. Cleaners and sprays round out the product range. Timber! • © Whether for hydraulic systems, saw blade frames or skids, MOTOREX has the right lubricant solution for timber processing equipment. 5 CHAIN OILS From rapidly biodegradable chain oils based on renewable raw materials to mineral chain lubricants, MOTOREX products are ideal for lubricating the chains of heavy-duty chainsaws and harvesters. 2 6 SPRAYS MOTOREX sprays are indispensable helpers – liquid tools in a can. Whether it’s lubricating, removing rust, protecting or cleaning, the job is easy with the right spray from MOTOREX. 6 7 CLEAN & CARE Cleaning and care are important factors for operator safety and ensuring that equipment retains its value. MOTOREX Clean & Care combines cleaning, care and protection in one product line. 5 8 ADDITIVES For gasoline and diesel engines: detergent, anti-oxidation, rust-proofing and disinfectant additives actively help prevent breakdowns. All MOTOREX additives are tested with catalytic converters and particulate filters. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 113 I SEPTEMBER 2018 13



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