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GEAR OIL © SOB AG, St. Gallen © Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Heidenheim PENTA CT THE 400 KPH GEAR OIL Every train carries several of them: axle drives. Their job is to transmit power from an electric motor to the wheels it drives. These heavy-duty spur gear systems must be lubricated precisely in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. In collaboration with Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB) and the Voith technology group, MOTOREX has developed PENTA CT SAE 75W/90 high-performance gear oil for axle drives in rail vehicles. 8

Axle drives are designed for top performance. They are used in a wide range of rail vehicles, including highspeed trains traveling at speeds of up to 400 kph. Since motor and gearing are both housed within the wheel truck (bogie), space is at a premium, so final drives are designed to be not only compact but also lightweight and low-noise. ABSOLUTE RELIABILITY The key to running an efficient rail network is the operating dependability of the rolling stock. Maintenance and overhaul work are carried out at precisely defined intervals in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications. Between these intervals there is no access to components such as axle-mounted final drives in rail car wheel trucks. This makes absolute reliability of the entire system essential, down to the lubrication. VOITH APPROVAL Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, gear oil is used for either 250,000 km or one year between fluid change intervals. Every one million kilometers drives are removed and overhauled. MOTOREX PENTA CT SAE 75W/90 was developed in collaboration with Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB) and Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG. It passed tests based on various travel profiles (regional/ stop-and-go, Intercity/high-speed and challenging topographic profiles). Fully synthetic MOTOREX GL-5 class gear oil is officially listed in Voith Turbo lubrication recommendation 132.00374401 EN V11. It displays extremely high shear stability, high resistance to aging and an exemplary load-bearing capacity. Further benefits include: • optimum protection against wear in gearing and bearings • enhanced effectiveness • lower operating temperature • ideal for use in high and low temperatures • stable viscosity-temperature behavior • high resistance to aging • effective protection against corrosion and oxidation • very good air release Stay on track with MOTOREX PENTA CT! • “ We were impressed by MOTOREX PENTA CT’s performance in various field tests. We have been using this gear oil throughout our systems for six months, meeting SOB’s high requirements. ” Ralf Willkommen, Schweizerische Südostbahn AG, Support & Engineering Planning for the worst: SOB keeps a spare on hand for all key components, such as this drive unit. SPECIFICATIONS API GL-5; API MT-1; VOITH TURBO 132.00374401 Safety + Performance ARVIN MERITOR 076-N; SAE J2360; MACK GO-J; MIL-PRF-2105E; ZF TE-ML-05A; ZF TE-ML-07A; ZF TE-ML-08; ZF TE-ML-12L; ZF TE-ML-12N; ZF TE-ML-16F; ZF TE-ML-17B; ZF TE-ML-19C; ZF TE-ML-21A; ZF TE-ML-24A MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 9



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