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WHAT’S NEW MOTOREX CLEAN & CARE: BETTER SAFETY, CLEANLINESS AND VALUE RETENTION MOTOREX has improved the CLEAN & CARE program – with the same commitment to excellence that we apply to our high-end lubricants. This makes CLEAN & CARE the preferred vehicle care technology for auto enthusiasts and pro repair shops. The three new colorcoded product lines shine with innovative formulas and impressive quality. The difference is clear to see. This thorough, time-saving cleaning system provides lasting protection and dissolves tough dirt. With crystal-clear visibility for better safety. A gleaming clean vehicle makes a great impression while the interior is hygienic and fresh. 6

GLASS CLEANER This highly effective glass cleaner brings streak-free, clear visibility to car windshields and rear-view mirrors. The active cleaning formula dissolves even the toughest grime such as oil and silicone streaks from windshields. A simple wipe gives lasting crystal-clear visibility and improves safety. Now available in a handy foam spray: the easy-to-see foam can be applied in precise quantities even upside-down and won’t drip even from vertical surfaces. Leaves a pleasant fresh citrus scent. COCKPIT CARE “Formula 1” for all interior and exterior plastic parts. Antistatic, dust and dirt repellent, provides care and protection for consoles and controls. Contains carnauba wax as a surface sealant for an exquisite shine. Brightens colors and makes your vehicle look like new. INTERIOR CLEAN Interior cleaner with odor absorber for new hygienic freshness in the passenger compartment, for upholstery, seats and ceiling. Deep-cleaning active foam with booster molecules makes a long-lasting clean interior easy and helps keep it from getting dirty again. The foam is suitable for all surfaces and materials, including fabric, plastic, leather, rubber, etc. Handy in the home, too! INSECT CLEANER Universal power cleaner for effortless pre-cleaning of heavy and stubborn contaminants such as tar, resins and insects before washing the car. With its highly effective cleaning formula, INSECT CLEANER adheres to grime and dissolves it as if by magic. Cleans radiator grilles, bumpers, headlights, windshield wipers, etc. in the blink of an eye. Spray on before washing the vehicle. WHEEL CLEANER With new active gel formula, this acid-free wheel rim cleaner quickly and thoroughly removes dirt from rims. The gel adheres well and is easy and economical to apply from any spraying position (360°), even in hard-to-reach spots. Brake dust, soot and street dirt rinse easily off aluminum and steel rims after a brief application time. Makes cleaning rims fun! ICE FREE The dependable “icebreaker” from MOTOREX. Quickly clears even heavily iced windshields and keeps treated windshields and mirrors from icing over again. Applied as a preventive measure, the de-icing spray helps prevent overnight freezing. For anyone who would rather spend ten seconds spraying than ten minutes scraping. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 7



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