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MOTOREX IN THE NEWS © KTM media HIGH SUCTION RAPID ABSORPTION LOW DUST 0.6–3.5 MM GRAIN SIZE REUSABLE IN HANDY 10 KG BUCKET MOTOSORB BINDS OIL AND CHEMICALS MOTOSORB oil binder from MOTOREX uses an innovative granulate structure to absorb fluids (oil, fuels, chemicals, etc.) even faster. The oil binder is extremely versatile thanks to grain sizes ranging from 0.6 to 3.5 mm. Even when the granulate is completely saturated, MOTOSORB is non-slip and easy to sweep up. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use on small or large surfaces. Bulk weight is approximately 440 g/l and absorbency (standard type III/R) is in the range of 1 to 1.2 l fluid per kilo of granulate. Available in resealable 10-kg buckets and 16-kg bags. AUSTRIA AND KTM CELEBRATE MATTHIAS WALKNER Exceptional motorcycle talent Matthias Walkner became the first Austrian ever to win the Dakar Rally at the 40th annual race in 2018. “Last year I almost won with a second place finish, but this year it just worked out in spite of some extremely close calls,” said a jubilant Walkner after crossing the finish line in Córdoba, Argentina on January 20, 2018. No fewer than 167 motorcyclists took part in the grueling 9000-kilometer contest over 14 stages through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina, starting in Lima. On his dependable, MOTOREX-lubricated KTM, Walkner finished the world’s toughest rally race 16 minutes and 53 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher. Celebrating with Walkner were not just his fans and the whole team, but also the entire KTM workforce at the company’s headquarters in Mattighofen. Pride: The first Austrian to win the race, Matthias Walkner brings home the 17th Dakar trophy for KTM. 4

FULLY SYNTHETIC LOW SMOKE AND ASH COMBUSTION FOR DEVICES WITH HOT-RUNNING TWO- STROKE ENGINES CATALYTIC CONVERTER TESTED IDEAL FOR INJECTION ENGINES REDUCES DEPOSITS ENHANCED ANTI-CORROSION SOLVENT-FREE RAPIDLY BIODEGRADABLE DISSOLVES GREASE RESIDUES ALSO SUITABLE FOR CARBON RESEALABLE ECONOMICAL 2-L REFILL PACKAGE A BRILLIANT IDEA: BIKE CLEAN AS REFILL Highly effective, solvent-free quick cleaner MOTOREX BIKE CLEAN is now available in resealable refill bags. With its high-performance dirt-dissolving formula, BIKE CLEAN penetrates and removes mud, dirt, dust, etc. in the blink of an eye. Leaves no greasy residue and does not impair brake action. Also suitable for carbon. The 2000-ml refill bag contains enough product to refill the BIKE CLEAN pump atomizer (500 ml) four times. It’s hardly worth the trouble to avoid puddles any more! BIKE CLEAN is rapidly biodegradable. Enjoy! SOME LIKE IT HOT: FOREST & GARDEN FS 2T Fully synthetic FOREST & GARDEN FS 2T two-stroke motor oil is precisely tailored for the needs of modern, hot-running two-stroke forestry, gardening and other small tools with frequent cold starts. MOTOREX uses top-quality base oils and a special additive technology designed just for the high temperatures in high-performance two-stroke engines. The formula is also engineered for the heavier loads of stop-and-go operation and continual professional use. FOREST & GARDEN FS 2T is suitable for both separate and mixed lubrication. It meets the current API TC, JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD specifications. Available in the following container sizes: 200 l, 60 l, 25 l, 5 l and in the 1-liter dispenser bottle. 25 l, 5 l, 2 l and 500-ml pump atomizer. AVAILABLE NOW! MOTOREX BAG-IN-BOX RACK Practical: the stable MOTOREX stand is the perfect place to keep as many as six full 20-liter bag-in-box units. The robust metal rack features a compact design and is even equipped with a drip pan. Interested? Just ask your MOTOREX partner. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 5



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