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BOX LYNDON POSKITTʼS SWEET “MALLE” You already know Britain’s Lyndon Poskitt, a true hero on two wheels. In May 2014 he set out on a grand adventure on his KTM under the motto “Races to Places.” So far he has covered 100,000 kilometers on his motorcycle through heat, cold, wind and rain. Alone he has visited five continents and no fewer than 50 countries! A high point of his trip was his first time competing in the grueling Dakar Rally in January 2017. Another 9,000 kilometers in the saddle. And no, even after that Lyndon still wasn’t tired of his motorcycle! He was there again at the start of the Dakar Rally in 2018 on his KTM 450 in MOTOREX livery. This time he competed in the extra-tough Malle class, in which riders are required to carry out any repairs and maintenance on their own. Only a standard box (“malle” in French) is allowed for carrying tools and parts. With many sacrifices and a few injuries, Lyndon finished the Dakar 2018 in an outstanding 33rd place in the overall motorcycle ranking, taking silver in the spectacular Malle motorcycle class! Back in England he was feted with a cake in the shape of a “malle” motorcycle box. The sweet surprise was delicious, but Lyndon’s appetite for the next adventure on two wheels is even bigger ... • Watch the video here: OTTOREX 26

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