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INDUSTRY SWISSCOOL 8000 FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE In conventional cutting fluids, each additive has its own separate function. In the new MOTOREX polymer technology, the additives work together as a team. The resulting synergies yield numerous benefits when using the innovative emulsion. With the introduction of SWISSCOOL 8000, MOTOREX launches a new stage in the development of cutting fluids. The new product meets current legal requirements and exhibits exceptional biostability. 24

life. This gives SWISSCOOL 8000 high yield and ideal flushing and draining properties. UP TO 30% BETTER PERFORMANCE In machining fluid comparison tests, SWISSCOOL 8000 displayed performance improvements of up to 30 % under identical process conditions (machining parameters, machines, tools, materials). WIDE SPECTRUM OF APPLICATIONS The emulsifier in SWISSCOOL 8000 enhances lubrication and permits smooth cutting of critical aluminum alloys, titanium, high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals. Integrated anti-corrosion features for all-around protection of machine and tools makes it possible. CONFORMS TO CURRENT REGULATIONS The balanced formula is free of critical elements such as boric acid and formaldehyde depot substances. The innovative polymer technology hinders nutrient intake by bacteria, thereby naturally inhibiting their growth. The ASTM Method E2275-13 designation certifies the highest level of biostability. SWISSCOOL 8000 also meets REACH requirements as of mid-2018. OPTIMUM PROCESS RELIABILITY The new polymer-based emulsifier not only makes it possible to combine oil and water, but also boosts lubrication performance. This ensures low-foaming machining process reliability with water ranging in hardness from 5 dGH to 30 dGH. LOW CONSUMPTION The new polymer technology enables the additives in the fluid to operate effectively over an extended service Ready to optimize your production processes? Your MOTOREX representative will be happy to provide more information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 25



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