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NORDIC DRIVE-IN BOATWASH: CLEAN BOATS, CLEAN WATER Algae, mussels and other growths love to encrust boat hulls. Until recently, the solution to the problem was special growth-inhibiting paint. But these toxic paints pollute the water and are now prohibited. The environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative is the Drive-in Boatwash. Scrubbing is not exactly a boat owner’s favorite task. But fouling on boat hulls is not just unattractive, it also slows the boat in the water and increases fuel consumption. Until recently, keeping the hull clean meant hoisting the boat out of the water and then painstakingly cleaning and repainting. A CLEVER IDEA FROM RENTUNDER In combination with a biocide-free paint job or other coating, the solution for keeping boat hulls clean is a regular visit to the Boatwash. The Drive-in Boatwash was developed by Rentunder AB of Östhammar near Stockholm. The floating boatwash system is built by subsidiary Industrihydraulik AB of Arboga. A hydraulic brush and washing unit cleans below the water line. Rotating plastic brushes efficiently clean the hull with no polluting cleansers, using seawater or lake water alone. ALL CLEAN IN JUST 10 TO 15 MINUTES Rentunder develops, sells and rents stationary and portable boat hull washing equipment to boatyards, marina operators and private boat owners. Automatic mechanical washing of boat hulls eliminates the need 22

How the Drive-in Boatwash works: The boat runs in and is moored. Collection basin for debris. Moving brush unit cleans beneath the water line. Debris is captured. All done! for repeated painting with toxic paints. The Drive-in Boatwash is capable of cleaning up to 90 % of all motorboats and sailboats as big as 16 meters. The job is done in just ten to fifteen minutes. Depending on operating conditions, Rentunder recommends washing every four to twelve weeks. Ester Synthetic) ISO VG 22 biofluid supply the system and keep the equipment functioning safely and efficiently. • HYDRAULICS MAKE IT POSSIBLE The entire mechanical cleaning process takes place under water! The system is driven by two 3-kW electric motors that feed the hydraulic pumps for five hydraulic motors (four to turn the brushes, one to move the brush unit). Two 25-l tanks of rapidly biodegradable MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES (Hydraulic Environmental FACT AND FIGURES Company Rentunder Holding AB, Östhammar, Sweden CEO Mikael Alvén Founded 2009 Employees 5 Sales SEK 15 million URL Company Industrihydraulik AB, Arboga, Sweden CEO Conny Stolpe Founded 1974 Employees 30 Sales SEK 55 million URL MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 23



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