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INTERNATIONAL РОССИЯ (RUSSIA) TURNS TO QUALITY MOTOREX stands for top Swiss quality and highly innovative products – continual growth is proof. Together with four dedicated distributors, MOTOREX now serves Russia, the world’s sixth-largest economy, with a land area of 17 million square kilometers and a population of over 143 million. As they say, better is the enemy of good, and Russians love what’s better – especially when it says MOTOREX on the label! MOTOREX currently offers its automotive, motorcycle, bicycle and industrial product lines through four distributors and their dealer networks in the fiercely contested Russian lubricant market. RUSSIA, LAND OF CARS In the past ten years, the number of cars on Russian roads has grown by half, from 28 million vehicles in 2007 to nearly 42 million in 2017. The greatest number of cars are found in Russia’s two biggest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. The presence of premium brands is growing by the day. To maintain them, shops rely on quality MOTOREX CAR LINE products with the appropriate dealer approvals. TWO-WHEELERS FOR LEISURE Given Russia’s climate and often bad roads, motorcycles and bicycles are not always the best ways to get around. Certainly many people do use two-wheeled vehicles as a substitute for cars. But they’re more likely to ride a Harley, KTM, Ducati or late-model mountain bike in their leisure hours. With its hightech MOTO LINE and BIKE LINE lubricant and care products, MOTOREX is a peer in quality with the leading bike brands. THE METALWORKING INDUSTRY Machining has a long tradition in Russia. Once dominated by armaments, today the industry’s structure is much like those of other countries. While simpler machines and machining processes are still more common, ever more complex processes on high-performance multiaxial machining centers play a role in the growing industry. Since the opening of the market, MOTOREX has been a sought-after partner for manufacturers with its INDUSTRIAL LINE products. • 18

MOTOREX MOTO LINE LLC INTERTRADE/BIKELAND, MOSCOW Bikeland is a subsidiary of LLC Intertrade, specializing in import and distribution of internationally known motorcycle brands. The company has been Russia’s exclusive KTM importer for years and supplies the motorcycle trade with all its daily needs. “The successful collaboration between KTM and MOTOREX prompted us to include the unique-quality MOTO LINE products that the OEM uses in our product line. Our customers are all super-satisfied.” – Stanislav Borisovets, LLC Intertrade Founded 1999 Employees 80 Distribution 12 company-owned outlets in major cities, customer base with several hundred motorcycle dealers throughout Russia MOTOREX BIKE LINE PERFORMANCE SPORT, MOSCOW Performance Sport imports the MOTOREX BIKE LINE and other well-known brands, distributing them through its Trial Sport shops, one of the country’s biggest sporting goods retailers. “Quality products have long enjoyed lively demand on the Russian bike market. MOTOREX has just the right lubricant and care products for us to successfully sell in our shops.” – Aleksey Kislinsky, Performance Sport Founded 1988 Employees Approx. 350 Distribution Over 50 companyowned outlets in major cities throughout Russia MOTOREX CAR LINE OOO WELLE LTD., MOSCOW A company of the SPK Trading Group, specializing in wholesale trade in vehicle and industrial lubricants. Represented nationwide. “The Russian automotive lubricant market is fiercely contested. Being successful here takes a strong, reliable partner. We are impressed with MOTOREX’s broad, high-quality product range.” – Vasily Ostapchuk, OOO Welle Ltd. at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show Founded 1998 Employees 60 Distribution 8 company-owned branches, wholesale organization and over 2000 retailers throughout Russia MOTOREX INDUSTRIAL LINE OOO QUALITÄT, TOGLIATTI, SAMARA OBLAST A classic family-owned SME with a long history as specialist in the metalworking industry. OOO Qualität has a wealth of know-how and experience in the industry. “In MOTOREX we offer our customers Swiss precision and quality in liquid form. The focus is always on the customer and finding the perfect solution for the task at hand.” – Brothers Sergei (left) and Vladimir Sudarikov, OOO Qualität Founded 2016 Employees 4 Distribution Sub-agencies in Novosibirsk, Kazan, Izhevsk and Yekaterinburg MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 19



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