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REPORT CONTINUED CONGRATULATIONS! THE COLLABORATION COULDN’T HAVE STARTED ANY MORE AUSPICIOUSLY THAN WITH JASON ANDERSON’S AND ZACH OSBORNE’S VICTORY IN THE 2018 SUPERCROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ! It’s got what it takes: The VITPILEN 401’s engine is lubricated with FORMULA 4T SAE 15W/50 from MOTOREX. Promising start: Pablo Quintanilla won the first round of the rallies world championship in Abu Dhabi. MOTOREX: TECHNOLOGY PARTNER AND OEM Broad-based collaboration captures synergies that provide both partners with valuable data in their respective domains and make innovative solutions possible. MOTOREX’s experience in racing and as a Husqvarna Motorcycles OEM (original equipment manufacturer) make the company a highly welcome technology partner. PLENTY OF POTENTIAL FOR THE FUTURE Although the collaboration between Husqvarna Motorcycles and MOTOREX has just begun, both manufacturers are already working on solutions for the motorcycle of tomorrow, creating fascinating studies and prototypes that, combined with the know ledge gained from racing, will enable new advances (technology, design, safety) in motorcycle engineering. And with results: in launching the first of a new generation of pure street bikes (VITPILEN 401/SVARTPILEN 401 and VITPILEN 701), Husqvarna Motorcycles is pursuing further growth. The mediumterm goal is to become the number three motorcycle brand in Europe. What the future has in store for the two collaborators is hard to tell. But one thing is sure: every triumph starts with passion. • 14

PRACTICE 5600 KG OF SHEER POWER HYDRAULICS AT THE CORE OF THE MACHINE HIGH-PERFORMANCE LUBRICANTS THE PUMPKIN CRACKER Green Bull Master – behind this catchy name is a high-yield pumpkin seed harvesting machine that not only harvests pumpkins, but also breaks them down and gathers the valuable seeds. “If you want to eat the nut, you have to crack the shell” – even if the “shell” in this case is a pumpkin. The challenge of building a pumpkin seed harvester was anything but simple. Josef Fürnschuss Sr. founded Profi Landmaschinenbau in 2002 to do just that. Today, together with his son, two engineers and an apprentice, he develops, designs and produces technically sophisticated pumpkin seed harvesting machines for customers in Styria, Lower Austria, Poland and Ukraine. WITH HEDGEHOG AND BRUSH A unit nicknamed “the hedgehog” collects pumpkins from the field and carries them to the crusher. To ensure higher yield, a roller assembly moving in the opposite direction feeds more pumpkins to the hedgehog. After the pumpkins are crushed they are sent to the sorter, a special drum where the seeds are freed and sorted out. Rubber conveyors carry the seeds to a brush and from there to the suction drum. The seeds are cleaned by a suction fan and drop into the seed tank. From there a screw conveyor and outlet tube carry the seeds to the transporter vehicle. 800 KG OF PUMPKIN SEEDS AN HOUR HYDRAULICS AT THE CORE The core of the 5600-kilo machine is a hydraulic system that holds 120 liters of fluid. Powered by a heavy-duty dual pump, controlled by electromagnetic valves and filled with MOTOREX COREX HLP 68, the machine can accomplish astounding things. It can gather up to 800 kg (dry weight) of seeds per hectare in one hour. A special reversible transfer case developed in-house ensures safety and reliability. MOTOREX gear oils play an important role in the Green Bull Master. • The smart builders of the Green Bull Master: Josef The pumpkin seed harvester in operation: Fürnschuss senior and junior. MOTOREX MAGAZINE 112 I MAY 2018 15



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