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WHAT’S NEW © – A. Todorovic MOTOREX adds FE label to its fuel economy motor oils. REDUCES CO 2 EMISSIONS TO 1060 KG CO 2 CUTS FUEL CONSUMPTION TO 404 LITERS LOWERS COST TO CHF 606.– ECONOMICAL, LOW-CO2 DRIVING CO 2 emissions regulations for cars are set to tighten once again in 2020. Engines will face higher expectations in terms of performance and efficiency. Engine oil is a factor that can help meet these requirements. Already today, Swiss lubricant manufacturer MOTOREX’s product range includes a wide selection of suitable fuel economy products under the FE label. Under the new regulations due to take effect in 2020, 95 % of each manufacturer’s newly registered passenger cars will have to demonstrate that they meet a maximum CO 2 emission value of 95 g / km. The new standard is a challenge for motor oil producers as well. The right choice of oil can lead to a noticeable reduction in CO 2 emissions accompanied by lower fuel consumption and financial savings. But energy-efficient motor oils were in demand even before these legal restrictions. In response, MOTOREX has already developed a wide range of fuel economy (FE) oils that support energy-efficient driving by reducing friction within the engine. FOR EVERY DRIVING STYLE AND EVERY SEASON Along with the new legal situation, our driving behavior and oil change intervals are also good reasons to use FE oils. On average, the oil in a modern passenger car is only 6

FUEL ECONOMY OIL DELIVERS UP TO 3 % SAVINGS –1060 kg –404 l – 606.– Milage: 177,420 km*, av. consumption: 7.6 l gasoline per 100 km **, fuel price: CHF 1.50 per liter gasoline * 11,828 km per year and car (Mobility and Transport Microcensus / Federal Office for Spatial Development) over a service life of 15 years (Auto Recycling Switzerland) = 177,420 km average life of a vehicle ** Average consumption of newly registered cars in Switzerland between 1996 and 2016 (Federal Office of Energy) changed every 30,000 kilometers. This means that cars may be driven with the same lubricant two winters in a row. FE oils feature lower viscosity, meaning they are thinner and flow more easily than conventional motor oils. Since this makes them especially effective in cold temperatures, they can easily withstand two winters without compromising efficiency. While the engine is still cold and has not yet reached the ideal operating temperature, for example on a short trip, the fuel savings are clearly discernible. Friction-reducing additives maintain the oil’s lubricating capacity as the engine temperature rises. This is especially important in cars equipped with automatic start-stop systems that are in frequent use in city traffic, where rapid engine lubrication on restarting is essential. systems such as diesel particulate filters functioning smoothly. SCIENTIFIC TESTING AND RACE TRACK EXPERIENCE When MOTOREX tested its FE oils using the European consumption standard tests, a few significant findings emerged. The greatest potential savings were achieved with FE oils of viscosities SAE 5W / 20 or SAE 0W / 20. The relationship between the right motor oil and efficiency is particularly clear on the race track, where MOTOREX has been well-established for decades. MOTOREX applies this experience to achieve enhanced efficiency – and thus reduced fuel consumption – in normal driving as well. REDUCED FUEL CONSUMPTION MEANS LOWER EMISSIONS All FE oils have one thing in common: using the right oil can reduce CO 2 emissions. Keep in mind that saving one liter of gas leads to a 2.62 kilogram reduction in CO 2. Modern FE oils improve the overall efficiency of the engine, which in turn contributes to reducing emissions. FE oils also help minimize wear. Despite their low viscosity, they display very good lubricant characteristics even under heavy loads. Moreover, low ash-engine oils help keep exhaust gas treatment NEW LABEL MOTOREX has a whole range of fuel economy oils in its product assortment and plans to continually expand it. Many of these are products for specific automakers, such as VW or General Motors. Others are special long-life oils for extended oil change intervals, or oils for exceptionally high fuel efficiency, such as Concept E-XL SAE 0W / 20. For information on MOTOREX oils, the entire MOTOREX product range, and recommendations for specific engines, please visit • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 111 I JANUARY 2018 7



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