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PRACTICE CLEANS AND REMOVES RESINS AND GREASES REPELS WATER AND PRESERVES PREVENTS ADHESION OF WOOD CHIPS IMPROVES WOODWORKING RESULTS BY ENSURING SMOOTH SLIDING HIGHLY TEMPERATURE RESISTANT (FLASH POINT > 100 °C) LUBRICATES ALL MOVING PARTS A SMOOTH(ING) COMPANION FOR WOOD When a machine's bearing face comes into direct contact with the wood, MOTOREX Woodslide, a colorless, silicone-free wood lubricant, has a valuable role to play. Machine tables treated with Woodslide not only make the work easier, they also help ensure the best possible results. Prior to working, wood always has a porous and, on close inspection, uneven surface. After sawing, sophisticated woodworking equipment gives the wood the desired surface, shape and functionality. This can only happen if the wood is able to slide smoothly, without stuttering, across the machine’s table. To make sure it does, MOTOREX developed its Woodslide wood lubricant. The colorless, silicone-free lubricant is very low-viscosity and penetrating. It evens out the porous structure of the wood, enabling it to slide smoothly while being worked. At the same time it protects metal surfaces and components against corrosion. With a formula specially tuned for the needs of all kinds of wood, Woodslide has no negative effects on the wood during further processing (gluing, painting, inlaying, etc.) and leaves no spots. EASY TO USE Especially on planing machines, there is an enormous difference between an untreated and a treated machine table. MOTOREX Woodslide is applied unthinned and always sparingly with a cloth, brush or spray. A sponge is extremely effective, too. It is important to apply the lubricant as thinly and evenly as possible. Feeder devices such as rollers on planing machines must never be allowed to come into contact with wood lubricant. • Less is more: Machine tables are easy to treat with a sponge lightly dipped in MOTOREX Woodslide. Time required: 3 minutes! 26

BOX For the third time now, Elisabeth and Urs Bläsi of Grenchen have undertaken a pilgrimage in their vintage vehicle. No, not a sleek convertible bearing the prancing horse, but their passionately beloved Bucher KT 10 rig. Beneath the Ferrari-red hood of PILGRIMAGE ON A FERRARI- RED BUCHER KT 10 this single-axle tractor built in Switzerland in 1955, a ten-horsepower MOTOREX-lubricated engine stands ready to accelerate the 1.4-tonne rig to 16 kph. The trip took the adventurous couple on a 4600-kilometer journey along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes in France and Spain to Mérida, Andalusia and back. Their one-of-a-kind vehicle drew plenty of attention – quite a bit more, in fact, than many an Italian road rocket of the same color! • DID YOU KNOW THAT RIDE PTY IN PANAMA ... MOTOREX Moto Line and Bike Line products are now available for purchase in Panama. Representatives from the distributor, RIDE PTY, recently visited MOTOREX in Langenthal to have a look around for themselves. Pedro Torres, Augusto Gutiérrez and José Miguel Velutini (l. to r.) took the opportunity of a plant tour to discover the secrets of the Swiss oil brand, known in Panama for its commitment to international motor sports. RIDE PTY is an official Husqvarna motorcycle dealer and is actively involved in Panama's off-road motorcycling scene. A warm welcome to our guests! • OTTOREX MOTOREX MAGAZINE 111 I JANUARY 2018 27



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