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INDUSTRY 5-LITER SIZE ULTRA-PURE QUALITY SIMPLE LOGISTICS CLEAN APPLICATION LESS WASTE SPINDLE LUBE HYPERCLEAN: CLEANER THAN EVER THANKS TO BAG-IN-BOX ! Innovative packaging design has two main purposes: to make life easier for consumers and to perfectly protect the contents from external influences. The MOTOREX Bag-in-Box packaging system does all this and more. MOTOREX keeps a constant eye on packaging innovations for its products and is the first Swiss lubricant supplier to use the Bag-in-Box system for its fluids. BENEFITS IN THE BAG Bag-in-Box packaging offers a wide range of benefits. The bag provides one of the most important. It is filled with product by a specially configured machine that lets absolutely no air in. This results in maximum purity because the contents do not come into contact with the surrounding air. This prevents any potential effects of contact between the contents and dust particles, humidity, or oxygen from the surrounding air. This brings particular quality-enhancing benefits for microfiltered 22

FILTER TESTING SPINDLE LUBRICANTS At MOTOREX, Hyperclean stands for pure quality. When a spindle is spinning at 40,000 RPM, even the tiniest contaminant particle in the circulating oil can have a devastating impact on its service life. Unfiltered standard spindle oil Conventional spindle oil 20 /18 /15 MOTOREX SPINDLE LUBE HYPERCLEAN 15 /13 /10 Contaminated Hyperclean spindle oils of purity class 15 / 13 / 10 (ISO 4406). What’s more, the cardboard-encased bag is never exposed to direct light and features a built-in dispenser. PERFECTLY PACKAGED 5-liter BiBs (bags-in-boxes) are an ideal packaging unit for MOTOREX’s Spindle Lube Oils (available in ISO VG 32, 46 and 68 viscosities). The compact dimensions and low weight make handling noticeably easier. This intelligent packaging offers the following benefits: • Guarantees maximum purity of contents • Minimal waste • Easy to handle • Built-in dispenser • Secure shipping by courier or other methods • Space-saving storage (stackable) • High dispenser flow • Excellent sustainability profile (Box is foldable and recyclable; empty bag disposable in trash) SPINDLE LUBE OILS MOTOREX Spindle Lube Oils are microfiltered HLP-D hydraulic fluids (DIN 51 524 / T2). Their guaranteed high purity make them ideal for lubricating bearings in motor and high-speed spindles. The purity class is set at 15 / 13 / 10 under the ISO 4406 standard. These specially developed spindle lubricants have outstanding detergent and dispersant properties. They also contain sophisticated wear-reducing ingredients and boast effective extreme pressure (EP) properties, rapid air release and top-notch anti-foaming. Do you have questions about spindle fluids in the new Bag-in-Box package? Your MOTOREX partner will be happy to provide further information. • MOTOREX MAGAZINE 111 I JANUARY 2018 23



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