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REPORT CONTINUED Recycling during demolition: an electromagnet gathers metal parts from the debris. Every demolition plan (shown here: Messe Basel) specifies the hierarchy of equipment and logistical structure at the building site. A-REX M9300 KEY FIGURES • Size: 20 m long, 9 m wide, up to 70 m tall • Engine: 580 kW with diesel particulate filter • Operating weight: up to 300 tonnes, depending on equipment • Hydraulic adjustable chassis • Each track is ten meters long, two meters high and weighs 42 tonnes • Working height: up to 70 meters • Ground footprint: 70 square meters • Variable base design and interchangeable attachments • Autonomous disassembly and assembly • Eight to ten tractor-trailers required to transport NO ROOM FOR SLIP-UPS Big is cool, but operating a machine of these dimensions takes plenty of experience and a steady focus. When the operator uses Aregger’s custom-designed Magnum pincers (net weight: 14 t) to take a bite out of a multi-tonne concrete slab 40 meters off the ground, he has to be able to gauge the risks. Like smaller demolition excavators, the A-Rex is controlled by just two levers. That’s why only experienced machine operators with extensive training are allowed to operate the A-Rex, or for that matter any of the other large equipment. Whether demolishing a highway viaduct, a skyscraper, a 50-meter tall steel tank at a refinery or a portion of a still-func­ 16

The hydraulic systems are the heart of the A-Rex, designed for continual heavyduty operation. A range of accessory attachments make quick work of tough demolition challenges. tioning chemical plant, the operator’s experience and ability to estimate the static forces in a structure are constantly tested. UNTIRING HYDRAULIC MUSCLES A full 2000 liters of hydraulic fluid flows from the tank through numerous pumps, valves, and hydraulic motors via several hundred meters of hoses and tubes to the cylinders. Pump pressures can reach 350 bar. Workplace safety is a top priority at Aregger. That’s why besides scrupulous maintenance, the company depends on MOTOREX quality operating fluids and lubricants. Excavators play the main role in major demolition projects. Only when the material is on the ground can it be triaged for crushing, separating concrete from steel and other materials before hauling it off. At the demolition of Messe Basel, for example, 47 dump trucks were kept in circulation to carry off the materials, making some 180 trips per day. Having an excavator fail on a project of that scale would be about as much fun as a nighttime encounter in the woods with a T-Rex. • Watch the demolition of the Baloise Park: MOTOREX MAGAZINE 111 I JANUARY 2018 17



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